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On 12/21/2014 2:00 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
>     That never made it any easier to explain to her doctors though.
> What do you see when you're transformed? Nothing. Blackness, then? No,
> not blackness, I don't see any colors at all. (No eyes to see them
> with. No ears to hear. No nerve endings to feel.) But you're thinking?
> Not with any words, no, it's like I don't have a brain anymore. Then
> how can you possibly say that you're conscious?

Jeez people, don't invalidate subjective experiences >:/ Ya jerks.

>     "Hello, roommate," says Michette in a soft high little squeak of a
> voice. "We must be speaking now about the ghost."

Das cute.

>     "I'm sorry about your saffron," Maggie says finally.
>     "The saffron is nothing," says Michette.
>     "Really?" calls Lily from the next room. "That's a relief."
>     "No, not really," snipes Michette. "And I am not speaking to you."


>     "It is a good thing, Maggie," says Michette. "For if you know him,
> we can know why he haunts you. How you have wronged him."
>     "Well, I kinda killed him."
>     "That is not so good," says Michette.

Good stuff. <3

>     Michette finally snaps. "Saffron. Which is for demons, and not for
> ghosts. Demons, saffron! Vampires, garlic! Ghosts, basil!"


>     "You sense something," says Michette. "But it is not seen, or felt,
> or heard, or even thought. But it is something, something ineffable,
> yes?"
>     "Yes."
>     Michette nods, smiling. "It is the sixth sense."
>     "With Bruce Willis?" says Maggie.
>     "Now I am seeing why you and Lily get on so well," says Michette a
> little sourly.

Heehee. ^.^

> If Lily was in the room, she would
> probably be hugging Maggie right about now. But Michette just stands
> there awkwardly. It's not that she's cold or indifferent, necessarily;
> more that she just doesn't seem to know what to do.


>     "That said, this is how it is with ghosts. A ghost born of violence
> is strongest in the violent place. This dark spirit, to share the room
> with you for six months without so much as shifting a book around or
> pulling at your hair, this is most unusual. It may be that it was not
> strong there, but when it followed you to this place, it grew in
> strength. The home of one such as I is a place of powers great and
> dark, Margaret, and that is another reason why it must be warded
> against the terrible ones. And so this possibility is most troubling."

Fascinating. o.o

>     "The place where it's strongest?" says Maggie.
>     "The place where it is the most real," says Michette. "The most
> concentrated. The room where Tyler died."
>     The bedroom door slams itself shut. Maggie's sleeping box flings
> itself into the air, and right at Michette.


> Maggie thinks that if Tyler could
> see this that he would be totally losing his shit. He was always very
> precious about the board games and not getting the bits mixed up. But
> then she remembers that this is Tyler doing it.

Is it now.

>     Michette rubs her palm against her own face for four full seconds
> before letting her fingers slide down her chin. "I sometimes wonder
> why I love you."
>     Lily gives her a huge smile, then sticks out her tongue, the tip of
> which extends to the bottom of her chin.
>     "Well, there is that."

Ohmai. <3

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