HCC/META: High Concept Challenge 50 voting

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 29 12:11:27 PST 2014

There seem to be no last minute stragglers, so I declare the posting 
period closed.
There are three stories, of which one (Looniverse Chronicles #5) 
was posted by the organiser, and is therefore ineligible to be voted on.
This leaves:
* 'The Bad Year Blimp', by Tom Russell, in _Mighty Medley_ #12
* _Tales of the LNH v20 Stocking Stuffer Holiday Annual_, by Andrew Perron
Send in any votes to my hotmail address at saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Voting will conclude on 7 January 2015.
Saxon Brenton 
'In fact in a superhero universe, teenagers may be even stupider. After 
all, the brief moment in the real world where the thought "this may kill 
me" forces it's way into their head would be followed by "this may give 
me super powers" in a superhero universe.' - jlbarnett Scans_Daily Nov 2010  		 	   		  
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