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On 12/27/2014 9:07 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Okay, okay.  Kid Review is correct.  By rights 'The Dead Zone' could
> very well have been published in _Looniverse Chronicles_ rather than
> _Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2_ #59, if it had even occurred to me at
> the time.  Here's something else that could be posted in either title.

Mwahahahaha. <3 <3 <3

>       The pre-dawn twilight was chilly, but there was a hint of rosy
> light on the horizon that promised a warm day.  That promise would
> be realised in the most absolute way possible.  Already the moon was
> glowing red.


>       There was a groaning, wheezing noise,

But did it bring someone who was neither cruel nor cowardly?

> The overall combination was...  Well, no doubt it
> was in fashion somewhere in the looniverse.

My corner, at least! <3

>      "Because you keep escaping, obviously."
>      =( Not regularly as clockwork, every hundred million years, I do
> not, )= the Sphinx countered with both amusement and exasperation.
>      "Ah, well, you know how it is.  Just because you persistently thwart
> someone's evil plans doesn't mean you have to be unpleasant about it,"
> she replied off-handedly.  "You're an immortal.  I imagine you enjoy the
> occasional visit for company."

Ooooooh. Fascinating.

>      "There are still people living on Earth?"
>      =( Yes.  A few thousand.  They had a sentimental attachment to their
> world, and elected to stay even after it became obvious that the sun's
> red giant phase would soon be obliterating the inner solar system. )=

Ahhhhhhh, I see.

>      The Consultant wasn't sure how she felt about that.  Their lives
> were their own, but it grated against her philosophy of 'If I doubt,
> live.'  "Probably some grand gesture that they haven't really thought
> through," she grumbled.

Poor lass. <3

> Most of them were not fourth wall aware enough to
> realise that the drama of the situation demanded that it be a sudden and
> singular catastrophic event.

You know, I would object to how straightforward that is, but, well, Doctor Who 
demonstrated how true it is already.

>       =( Not dramatically appropriate.  Just drama.  There doesn't need
> to be a story behind it.  The planet is dying.  Or more accurately, it
> is being killed.  It is old and desiccated, but there is enough vitality
> left that as it dies its life force spasms, letting off random bursts of
> drama.  It's just something that happens. )=

Hmmmmmm. That makes sense. <3

>       "And will you try to conquer any more worlds?"
>       =( Oh, probably.  I'm severely out of practice, of course.  But,
> yes, I think so... )=
>       The Consultant sighed.

You always have to give them a chance.

>       "Because if I'd said so earlier then you may have realised that I
> put just such a forcefield on you when I was leaning against you
> earlier," said the Consultant before jumping inside and dematerialising.


> And the Sphinx
> screamed in outrage as it realised that rather than roaming free as
> intangible being, that it would spend another few billion years trapped
> in a shell of matter confined to the gravity well of a slowly cooling
> star, without even the prospects of an Aldith to wander by to pay it
> homage.

*stinger theme*

>       Looking at it, it turns out that this story isn't so much about
> anniversaries, as it starts out with one and then goes haring off in
> another direction.  Oh well.

Eh, works for me. And anyway, a deathday is a sort of anniversary.

>       The only previous confrontation between the Sphinx and the
> Consultant is what I showed in _Cover Gallery_ #18i.

Yesss, Cover Gallery's uncertain canon used as a base for future events <3

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