SW10/WWW: Powernaut 2005 #22: Occulator Compuplex!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Dec 13 19:11:50 PST 2014

Things get tense...  The Occulator Compuplex is revealed!



Bonus Section: Commentary from Wyatt Ferguson! The Missing Heroes

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Karl remained on our Earth during this year's reality shifts. I remained 
there too, in my own way. But most of our Earth's heroes did not. The 
space aliens made them run a space gauntlet and then lose their powers. 
The World Journal Monthly told their story better than I can. (ref: 
2005/journal_melon.htm) But I can tell you who I recognized there.

-    Lucianus Autonomus. He's the Earth's most experienced mystic... and 
he's Elton John's favorite boxer. Need I say more? (ref: lucianus.htm)

-    Vara Hosea. She's a piano musician. And she's Lucianus's deputy 
champion. I used to be her deputy champion... for Death. (ref: death.htm)

-    California Governor "Crusher Joe" Corrigan. ... We're an odd 
couple, with some weird shared past. (jehovah.htm) But we've worked 
together nicely, thanks. That was actually kind of spectacular. And it 
involved Bugs Bunny... or at least something that looked and acted like 
him. (ref: duopol3.htm)

-    Sylvester Morrow. I hadn't met him, but I've seen his byline in the 
World Journal Monthly. (ref: 2004/journal_bear.htm)

-    Leo. I hadn't met him, but I know he used to work with Crusher Joe. 
And he was there to bat against my team at the Boys of November game 
last year, as Mark Simon! Not that I was there... but hey, small world. 
(ref: baseball.htm)

Sylvester says, some other heroes were there but preferred not to show 
up in a Powernaut comic, and others just chose not to come. I can 
understand the desire to *try* to duck that stuff; I just prefer to run 
into it head-on.

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