MISC: GODLING # 44: The Rise of the New Godling part 4: Big Trouble in New Troy by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 44:  The Rise of the New Godling part  4: Big Trouble in New Troy by J. Vandersteen 

- GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Rise of the New Godling part  4: Big Trouble in New Troy

The new Godling stands face to face with Full Power, the alien hybrid supervillain. Broken cars and asphalt surround them. Bonnie looks on, worried Godling has met his match.
    "Everything you throw at me I just absorb and makes me stronger. There's no way to defeat me!" Full Power boasts.
    "Crap, maybe I should just get out of here. He might be right. I haven't got a clue how I'm to defeat him," Godling thinks.
    "Godling, he might be able to absorb your punches or lightning... But he still has to breathe, right?"
    Godling gives Bonnie a clueless look.
    "You're real himbo, aren't you?" she says. "Suffocate the bastard! Drown him or something."
    "Hey, I should be able to use the power of Poseidon as well, right? I think you might be on to something there, Bonnie," Godling says and uses the control of water to open up a fire hydrant, directing the water right into Full Power's nose, ears and mouth. The villain is totally surprised. He manages to utter a "Gargle" before he falls down on the concrete, uncounsicous.
    "Seems like that was a pretty sweet idea," Godling tells Bonnie. "Let me thank you by taking you out ro diner."
    "You're not one to give up, are you?" Bonnie says.
    "I'm a superhero. I never back down, never surrender."
    "I think that attitude should relate to fighting villains and averting disaster. NOT hitting on women," Bonnie says, arms crossed.
    Godling gives her a big grin. "Says who?"
   Bonnie sighs. "You're incredible."
   "Sure am. Come with me!" Godling picks up Bonnie in his arms and flies off while the cops arrest the unconscious Full Power.

Quentin Alexander walks out of Tartarus II. He is kind of panicked, since ten supervillains just escaped. He sees the villains disappear into the city, helpless.
    "I feel like I should be stopping them, but I wouldn't know how. How can I without any powers..."
    A patrol car passes him. In it are Officer Janson and another cop, a tough looking black man.
   "Did you just see that in the sky?" the black cop says, driving.
   "I think that was Nuclear Warrior. One of Godling's most dangerous foes," Janson says.
   "According to the news Godling spends most of his days in L.A. these days. Lord knows why he left us here in New Troy to rot."
   "I'm sure he has his reasons to be there," Janson says.
   "I'm sure, but meanwhile crime in New Troy is up 200%. With the One Man Pantheon missing from the streets all the baddies think they can do whatever they want."
   "We can take them. We've been taking them without Godling for years and years," Janson says. "Now please follow Nuclear Warrior. I'm calling in backup."
   The patrol car follows the flying form of Nuclear Warrior, clad in his red and yellow costume, a radiation symbol emblazoned on it. Nuclear Warrior notices and turns around in the air, firing a nuclear blast at the patrol car.
   The car explodes, Janson and her partner flying out of it. They both land on the concrete, hard. Blood flows from the black cop's mouth. Janson is covered in glass.
   "HA! That was easy. Without Godling around this city is mine!" Nuclear Warrior says.


A cemetery in L.A. The Dark Monk, flanked by six of his monks stands in the middle of the cemetery. He says, "It has become painfully clear I will have to take matters in my own hands if I am to defeat Godling. So here I am."
   He starts to chant in an ancient language. Hands appear from the graves.
   "Come my Ro-langs, come and do my bidding!" The Dark Monk says.
    From the graves, the dead rise, zombies apparently doing The Dark Monk's bidding.
    He points ahead. "Go forth, my Ro-langs. Go into the city and kill, maim, destroy!"
    The Ro-langs lumber out the gates, wandering into the city.
    "Let me see how The One Man Pantheon fares against the undead!" The Dark Monk says and laughs.

Olympus. Aphrodite and Athena are bathing while drinking some wine.
    "Have you been watching what the new Godling has been up to?" Aphrodite asks Athena.
    "Every now and then. I think he can be quite impressive in battle."
     "Yes, he can be. But he can also be quite a bastard. He's a sexist rogue, out for glory and women. Not heroism."
     Athena chuckles. "Reminds you of the Old Man, doesn't he?"
    "Without Zeus' occasional wisdom," Aphrodite says.
    "Maybe. So, you're not happy with the new Godling? And?"
    "I just think Quentin made a much better one. He had heart."
    "He also could, on occasion be somewhat of a sissy I seem to recall," Athena says. "He was really bad with women, much to humble to really make us Olympians shine, not to mention his lack of ferocity in battle. I believe there's a few supervillains loose in New Troy right now that wouldn't have been if he had a bit of the new Godling's killer instincts."
    "Supervillains loose?" Aphrodite echoes.
    "Sounds like you've been spending too much time admiring yourself in the mirror," Athena says. "Ten supervillains escaped from that special jail the old Godling cooked up. Bad news for New Troy."

Quentin is sitting next to the unconcscous body of Janson. "Janson? Janson? I saw your car explode. Please be all right. Oh, if only I could use the healing powers of Aescilapus."
   Slowly Janson opens her eyes. "Quentin? What are you doing here? You dumped me, remember?"
   "I saw your car explode and ran over," Quentin explains.
   "Oh. Okay. Have you called an ambulance? I don't feel so hot," Janson says.
   "I did, don't worry. It's on it's way," Quentin says.
   "Man, New Troy is in trouble..." Jansons groans.


Godling is flying over L.A. with Bonnie in is arms.
     "So, what's it going to be? French, Japanese, Italian?" Godling asks Bonnie.
     "Keep flying at this speed and I will be puking down on Hollywood and not eat for days," Bonnie says. "Hey, what's that below. Oh my... I've seen enough of the Walking Dead what zombies look like..."
      "Oh no, not another distraction. We're having a date!" Godling says.
     "No offense, but an army of the living dead invading Los Angeles kind of sounds like something a superhero like you should get involved in."
     "Sigh. Guess you're right. Hey-ho, let's go..." Godling says and flies down.
NEXT ISSUE: Godling versus Zombies!

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