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Scott Eiler seiler at
Fri Dec 5 19:44:34 PST 2014

On 12/5/2014 7:36 PM, deucexm wrote:

> Based on some discussions and in accordance wiht my natural tendency
> to pun and wordplay, I've finally come up with a good imprint to
> submit my work here under: DIVA, for the DiVerse's Alpha timeline.
> (And probably DIVX as well, for offshoots, oneshots, timeloops, and
> gaiden.)
> That feels a little odd.  Is it legitimate to simply create an
> imprint like that and start posting things tagged as such?  I feel
> like there's some process or ritual for this that I'm unaware of, but
> I've run out of goats and it's overcast today so I couldn't see the
> full moon even if there was one.

I think even I can answer that...  Our silent but hard-working admins 
handle that.  You'll recognize their leader when he posts the FAQ.

I created the SW10 imprint (and its predecessor SW09) by simply posting 
with its tag.  Once I realized each imprint needed some admin work, I 
stopped the annual updates and admitted SW10 was cool enough for any 
imprint.  But our admins will probably love you for warning them first.

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