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Mon Dec 1 19:03:48 PST 2014

On 12/1/2014 6:45 PM, deucexm wrote:
> On Monday, December 1, 2014 7:20:02 PM UTC-6, Scott Eiler wrote:
>> Done!
>> From this and the fragment-story you showed us, I sense you like mood
>> pieces.  This made a good one.
> Glad to hear it! I've been told it was a touch on the predictable
> side, a bit telegraphed - insofar as what Petra was going to decide -
> but when a character's thoughts are laid out, I suppose that's a risk
> you run.

Well, yeah.  The story feels mostly like setup for more stories.  That's 
kind of why I suggested a follow-on...

>> Now, does Our Young Mage of Light perhaps have a Caring Mentor who might
>> react to the development of The Dark Lord's Evil Plan?  Something like
>> that might make a good follow-on.  8{D>
> I haven't actually gotten that far, though I /do/ have a bit of a
> prequel - as to why a bunch of Lightsiders got all-expenses-paid salon
> appointments some distance into Dark territory. Since, if you recall
> (part 1):
>> She had lost a bet - or rather, her party had lost a bet - with a
>> Dark Lord, and none of them could deny that it had happened so... fairly.

I do recall that part of the story, and it would probably make a good 
suspense piece.  Of course we know how it ends... but many Powernaut 
comics have that same problem, and I'm choosing not to let that stop me 
because the story needs to be told right for once.  8{D>

> The Dark Lord in question is [debatably] not evil, or not all /that/
> evil at least.  One of the recurring themes in the Di-Verse is that
> power has no /inherent/ morality: 'Dark' magic is not evil, 'Light'
> magic is not good.  They're simply forces that can be used in any
> fashion.

I'm sure that's true, but I'll be surprised if the people at the Light 
Mage Academy will admit it.

> I suppose it might help if I offered the appropriate wikia page.
> Also also, I've got a new story in the works, featuring Salon DYAL!
> Iintend to post a new topic once I get a proper imprint and
 > everything else figured out.

Okay, I'll read it.  I'm interested in the concept of Professionals of 
Darkness.  If you read some of the finer fantasy stories in greatest 
possible detail, you'll find that even Mordor had farmers.

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