LNH20: Cover Gallery #23i

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 14 19:13:51 PDT 2014

Andrew Posted:
>  ][][][][][][][][][][][< COVER * GALLERY * #23i>][][][][][][][][][][][
>A giant cocktail glass with arms, legs and eyes, filled with white
>liquid and garnished with a chunk of pineapple, is rampaging through
>Net.city. Musical notes shoot out from it, destroying buildings. Random
>bystanders run screaming past us. Acton Lord is watching its rampage,
>fist clenched, while in the foreground, Mr. Thingy draws back in fear.
Looks like a job for the Chuggernaut!

With a guest appearance by -- The Living Non-Alcoholic Beer!

Arthur "Almost spelled it beet..." Spitzer
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