MISC: GODLING's WORLD # 11: Octo-Boy & Agent Destruction in: National Security? Part 2 by J. Vandersteen

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-	GODLING's WORLD #  11:  Octo-Boy & Agent Destruction in: National Security? Part 2
by J. Vandersteen 

Octo-Boy & Agent Destruction in: National Security? Part 2

Octo-Boy sits with captain Daniels and Sgt Perlin in their helicopter, flying above Bay City...
    "You're saying you are linked to the lost city of Atlantis?" Daniels asks Octo-Boy.
    "Yes, I am. My dad was from Atlantis. His genes give me the ability to change into a half man-half octopus like being," Octo-Boy says.
    "Wait... And your mother? And where's your father now? And how did you find that all out?" Daniels asked.
    "I really don't want to tell you all of that. I like my identity kept a secret."
   "As long as we're not convinced you can turn out to be a danger to this country I think we will have to keep questioning you until you spill all the beans," Daniels says.
   "Yeah, he will get all Jack Bauer on your behind," Perlin says.
   "He can try," Octo-Boy says and balls one of his tentacles.
   That's when there's a loud BOOM and the helicopter shakes.
   "What was that?" Daniels says.
   "We were hit by a rocket," the helicopter pilot explains. "We're under attack."
   Perlin watches through the window of the helicopter. "Crap. Some advanced looking air-bike manned by a guy in armor. Looks like The Cyborg League!"
   "The what?" Octo-Boy asks.
   "Cyborg League, these crazies think the world would be better off with all humans merging with machines. They think that would stop hunger, wars, etc."
   "Sounds like it also might make an end to love, parties and good music and movies," Octo-Boy says.
   "Exactly," Perlin says. "That's why we fight these guys. They're not exactly peaceful in the way they try to arrive at their goals."
   "Sound like we have to kick their robotic behinds," Octo-Boy says.
   "Wait a minute, you don't kick anything," Daniels says, a hand on Octo-Boy's shoulder. "You're staying here."
    "Come on, I'm not going to sit here and do nothing while we get blown to pieces," Octo-Boy says.
    The air-bike, which kind of looks like a flying snowscooter and has two men riding it, both covered with metal plates, eyes glowing red flies next to the helicopter. One of them is behind the controls, the other one holding up a large bazooka-like weapon, ready to fire again.
    Octo-Boy extends his tentacles and grabs hold of the air-bike, climbing from the helicopter onto the air-bike.
    "Damn you!" Daniels shouts.
   "Looks like he's going to save us, before I can," Perlin says and starts to change into Agent Destruction.
   Octo-Boy rips the bazooka out of the cyborg's hands and slaps him in the face. The cyborg's hands close around the hero's neck. The bazooka is thrown away.
    Agent Destruction jumps out of the helicopter, he drags the cyborg that is attacking Octo-Boy from the air-bike. All three plummet down.
   "Not... A... Good... Idea...," Octo-Boy scolds Agent Destruction.
    The other cyborg aims his air-bike down, firing with a wrist-mounted cannon at our heroes.
   "You will hit me!" the falling cyborg tells his partner.
   "Logic dictates you are expandable. It was our mission to take out Agent Destruction, the greatest current threat to our existence. Your survival is secondary to that."
    "Nice guys," Octo-Boy says. He extends his tentacle, grabbing the airbike, swinging around it, holding the cyborg. The cyborg has chosen to grab hold of the hero's middle instead of his neck, understanding he can save him. Meanwhile, Agent Destruction is still heading down fast.
    Octo-Boy manages to swing on top of the air-bike again. He grabs the driver around the neck with his tentacles and sends his head crashing into that of the other cyborg with such force sparks fly. Both are unconscious.
   "Now to see if I can get this thing to pick up Agent Destruction... And I don't even have a driving license... Sheesh!" Octo-Boy says, behind the controls of the air-bike.
   Gaining speed because of his weight Agent Destruction is heading for earth like a comet. Octo-Boy manages to aim the air-bike downward, trying to grab the military hero with his tentacles but misses.
   KRAKA-KA-BOOM!!!! Agent Destruction hits the ground, hard.
   Octo-Boy lands the air-bike and steps off. There is a crater in the ground, in the middle of a busy street where Agent Destruction crashed down. Cars honk and do their best to evade the air-bike, the crater and Octo-Boy.
   Hands appear on the side of the crater and Agent Destruction pulls himself out of it. He is a bit dusty and blackened, but otherwise okay.
   "Huh, I'm even more indestructible than I thought," he growls.
   "Like... Wow!" Octo-Boy says. "Impressive."
   Agent Destruction grabs the two cyborgs by the neck and picks them up from the air-bike. "We will want to interrogate these two."
   "Self-destruction process initialized" a cyborg says.
   "Did I hear that right?" Octo-Boy says.
   "Take cover!" Destruction says and throws the cyborgs into the crater. BOOM! Both cyborgs explode.
   "These guys are crazy!" Octo-Boy says.
   "That's terrorists for you," Agent Destruction says. "Thanks for the help."
   Daniels' helicopter lands just behind them. Daniels walks out. "Good thing we have the best pilots. The helicopter was damaged pretty badly. So, where are the cyborgs?"
    "Down there I'm afraid," Octo-Boy says. "In pieces."
    Agent Destruction changes back to Perlin. "Yeah, I'm afraid we won't be able to ask them how they tracked us down exactly. Obviously they want to take the fight to us."
   "They feel threatened. That's good. That will make them do stupid things. They will make a big mistake and we will be able to stop them," Daniels says.
   "Well, guess that's it for me. You won't be needing my help anymore," Octo-Boy says.
   "Wait a minute. That's not how it works. I even forbade you to help us," Daniels says.
   "Right," Octo-Boy says and sprays the air full of ink, blinding everyone.
   "Dammit!" Daniels says.
   When the ink is gone so is Octo-Boy.
   "We need to track him down! Where is he?" Daniels says.
   Perlin puts a hand on Daniels' arm. "Relax, cap. He really helped us. Let him go. He's clearly not a threat but an ally."
   "Still, I think studying him might be useful for us," Daniels says.
   "That will turn him into an enemy. He might be more useful as a friend," Perlin says.
    Daniels frowns. "Don't forget who's the captain and who's the sergeant. But okay for now... I will let him go. We've got other things to attend to..."
    On the top of one of the surrounding buildings, hidden in the shadows sits Octo-Boy, thinking:  Well, that was exciting. An honest to gosh team-up I guess. Wonder if I will run into those Cyborg League guys in the future. Seems like they're the kind of threat I protect this city against. I will have to be on the look-out..."



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