HCC/META: HCC # 44: Back From the Dead!

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 07:26:03 PDT 2014

One of the oldest tropes in fantastic fiction is the hero or villain who died, then "got better". Sometimes it is actual, real death, and sometimes only something very much like it-- but near enough to count. Gandalf came back. Rory Pond came back. So did Jesus, Lazarus, and Dorcas. Superman came back, as did Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Sherlock Holmes. Some characters have proven to be the grandmasters of coming back from the dead: the Red Skull, Jean Grey, Wonder Man. It was once said that the only characters in comics that would stay dead were Uncle Ben, Jason Todd, and Bucky, and these days we've only got one of those, and that's until next year's Amazing Spider-Man: It's Reigning Ben mega-crossover event.

Your challenge-- should you choose to accept it!-- is to bring a character back from the dead. Is the character new, or an old favorite? Up to you! Were they really dead, or did they narrowly escape? Up to you! Hero, villain, supporting character? Up to you! Is the story about what happens when they come back, or is it about how they came back? You guessed it... up to you!

The, ahem, dead-line will be May 4th, three weeks hence, though of course a one-week extension will be made available should someone need it.


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