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On Sat 5/Apr/2014 Andrerw Perron replied:> On Sat, 5 Apr 2014 08:52:26 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:
> > Authors notes: A second Dr Who pastiche that references the 
> > _spaceQuest Raven_ #4 story. 
> I really have to read that.
 Hurm.  Now that brings up an interesting idea... From memory that story - in fact the whole series - was servicable LNH writing.  Readable storytelling, solid plots, good characterisation.  But at the same time it didn't reach the giddy heights of drama as, say, Legion of Occult Heroes or Misfits, or hysterically funny silliness of Load Island Renegades or Net.Vigilante.  A quick google search suggests that it never made it into the Hall of Fame nominations. Now LNH fanboys (both Andrew and myself count) would probably adhere to the principle: It's an LNH story, and therefore must be read, QED. (It's just a matter of finding the time.) But *my* main reason for coming back to it again and again is that it lays the basis for the pseudo Dr Who lore in the Looniverse that I can build on.  (And did, gleefully, in the Occultism Kid episode of the Infinite Leadership Crisis.)  Because playing with continuity is fun. So I'm thinking...  There'd be a qualifiable difference between a story that get's recommended because it's won a RACCie or RACCie Hall of Fame, and one that's useful because it's integral to continuity.  A difference in the way it gets used, as well... Hmm?  What?  Oh, no, there's no particular point I'm getting at.  I'm just rambling out loud.  ---Saxon Brentoncurrently reading: TARDIS Eruditorium vol.1 ed.2 		 	   		  
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