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[LNH] Cover Gallery #18i
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The cover shows the gigantic stone form of the Sphinx rearing up 
from its resting place on the Giza Plateau, preparing to swat the 
Consultant (currently female, dressed in a sensible tweed skirt 
and coat of subtly extraterrestrial cut).  Locals and foreign 
tourists alike flee in all directions.  
The Sphinx snarls, "You trapped my wandering spirit in this hunk of 
stone, little Time Baron, but I have prevailed!  This is no longer 
my prison: it is my body!  Now DIE!"
Cover blurb: "A cosmic horror no longer bound!  The marauding 
return of the Sphinx!"
][][][][][][][][][][][< * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][ 
Authors notes: A second Dr Who pastiche that references the 
_spaceQuest Raven_ #4 story.  This version of the Consultant is 
based on the Joanna Lumley incarnation of the Doctor from _The 
Curse of Fatal Death_.  The Sphinx-as-an-intangible-entity-trapped-
in-immobile-stone idea was pillaged from the _GURPS Monsters_ book.
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