8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 4, April 2014, by Messrs. Brenton, Perron & Russell

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On Wed, 2 Apr 2014 00:06:36 +0000 (UTC), Tom Russell wrote:

> "Reign of the Cyborgs", by Tom Russell
> A maniacal mechanical menace terrorizes Tokyo.


> "You think you've beaten me? Four bombs, four minutes! Every minute, a
> bomb goes off. Find it in time, you get the clue for the next. Miss a
> single one, the clue goes up in the explosion, and Atlanta is burning
> all over again!"

I like how you save time by not explaining at all who this is.

> Across the street from the park: the Georgia Aquarium.
>    Darkhorse is terrified that she's made another boner.


> She
> twitches her fingers to create a counter-frequency, and zeroes in on
> the bomb, in the shark pool. Great. No, wait, it gets better-- the
> bomb is in the shark. And, what, twenty seconds to go? That's the
> best.

XD Of course

> Or, ooh, maybe knock the shark out? Last time she was
> in Lemuria, Terry taught her a subsonic anesthetic his veterinarians
> used on pet sharks. She wiggles her fingers at super-speed to
> replicate the frequency.

I love the use of vibration in this one.

>    Melody disarms the bomb, and spins around, creating a miniature
> hurricane to propel her out of the pool. Soaking wet, her skintight
> union is a little skintighter than usual. Well, that's going to be all
> over the internets.

I think that, of your Darkhorse mini-stories, this one does the action

>    "I was randomly flipping through some regional newspapers, using
> synchronicity to see if anything would jump out as significant," Deidre
> explained.  "It's one way I use of investigating weirdness when I'm not
> taking actual paid commissions.

How holistic of her.

> In fact," she said rather grimly, "their ideology occasionally
> came up in everyday conversation, but I noticed it was more like people
> were using neo-Nazism as a common cultural reference point, rather than
> trying to evangelise for it.  It was as though within a few weeks it
> had become normalised."

Hmmmmmm. o.o

> So under normal circumstances he
> wouldn't have spectated. But Silke felt that throb in him, same throb
> what brought him to Adams and Gulliver, only now it was pointed at one
> of the four micks at the next table.

It's a useful power for plot. <3

>    "You know the man."
>    "That's the peculiar thing, sir. Not only do I know the man, but I
> killed him not more than a fortnight ago.


>    The stranger stood bolt-upright and fired his pistol direct into
> the man's head. Swinging 'round, he shot the dealer. The dealer's
> partner raised his gun, then dropped it, as there was presently a
> knife in his skull. The pretty barmaid then wiggled her hips from bar
> to table to retrieve her dagger.

Super quick action! <3

>    The stranger tipped his hat to the lady, and then grabbed a lock of
> his own red hair. He pulled at it, and everything-- hair, skin,
> clothes-- did peel away. A leather-faced Indian stepped out of the
> mess like a pair of pants. "I am Skin of Snake," he said to Silke.

Ahhhhhhhh, nice. <3

> A machine armed with an ancient Martian beam pistol, he has been
> programmed to investigate and punish all robo-crimes! He is...

Ooooooooh. Yes. (Wait, ancient Martian... oooooooh)

>    "The Cyborgs rode in pairs, with each pair having a chain held taut
> between them!" relates Lemon. "Each chain cut the man clean through!"
>    "I need to stop these Cyborgs!" says Three-Nine.
>    Lemon's watch alarm beeps! "Oh no, I'm late for my bikini
> photoshoot!" She tears off her blouse and pants and hops onto her
> motorized scooter!

I seeeee.

>    "Look! A girl in a bikini riding a motorized scooter! Let's murder
> her!" He laughs, and his gang laughs with him! Then they kill her!


O.o Huh.

>    "No!" says Three-Nine. "Because I will kill you instead!" He fires
> his beam pistol!
>    Steropes just laughs, a laser beam ripping through his human eye!
> It ricochets inside his brain, bouncing off the dinonium! He screams!
>    "A million-to-one shot!" says Tiger. "You killed him!"
>    Lemon's ghost appears! "Now my spirit can rest! Thank you,
> Detective Three-Nine!"

...I'm very confused.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, bwah-huh?

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