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On Sat, 14 Sep 2013 03:48:40 +0000 (UTC), Dave Van Domelen wrote:

> [Once Upon A Time]

Haven't seen that caption before. o.o

>      "Let the eye of the gods be opened," Luis whispered, then drew the
> impossibly sharp blade across the surface of Simone's own eye.

Ewwwwwwwwww. <3

>      Residents of Perth liked to think they were cosmopolitan, but they
> weren't exactly prepared for the sight of a gangly young man pedaling a
> bicycle down the street while wearing a nun's habit and carrying a strange
> and faintly glowing box on a strap around his neck.

Cosmo tip #1: Roleplay on the streets of a major Australian city can spice
up your sex life!

>      A car seemed to float lazily through the air, hurled by the monster.
> LU-62 spun around in the air as well, clipped by the thrown auto and
> desperately trying to stabilize.
>      Sherman realized that the car was going to strike the woman in the
> trenchcoat.


>      "No, but like any attempt to break down the barriers between present and
> past, it, well...broke down the barriers between present and past," LU-62
> cocked his head in a way that would be adorable if he wasn't discussing the
> potential end of existence.  "Specifically, we think that a summoning ritual
> that would have failed several years ago was altered so that it succeeded.
> Monsters of increasing size and ferocity are emerging from a sort of throat
> at the bottom of the Indian Ocean and finding their way to land all around
> the Indian rim."

Hmmmmm. Fascinating.

>      Sherman burst into the room, now dressed in a slightly threadbare
> business suit with overly wide lapels.  "I heard a woman scream, is
> everything all right?" he asked, casting his eyes about and seeing the man
> he'd come to find.  The fact he and Louie had arrived as the man was
> apparently assaulting a woman just gave an excuse to subdue him without
> revealing their true mission.

Indeed. o.o

>      Nervously clutching the time machine concealed in its small striped box,
> Sherman nodded.  "Well, if everything is, ah, okay in here, then...."
>      Suddenly, the book had been replaced by a pair of pistols.  Sherman had
> no idea if it had been true spellcraft or merely a clever bit of stage magic,
> but either way it was an escalation.
>      "Yes.  It is.  Now go!" the man gestured with the revolvers.

Hm. I want to know more about these people's situation.

>      A few minutes later, Louie and Sherman walked down the stony beach
> outside the hotel.  
>      "So?" Louie asked.
>      Sherman consulted some readouts on the back of the striped box.  "Breach
> is sealing.  Getting close to him and flexing your probability capacitors did
> the trick."
>      "Excellent, Sherman.  Now to return to our home time, hopefully without
> any further damage to the fabric of reality...."

Hmmmmm. A bit anticlimactic.

> [In Spring]
>      LU-62 turned his head, the only part not buried in sand, to face a
> similarly buried Sherman.  "Well, Sherman, it would seem that your time
> machine needs some work yet."

Bwahahaha. XD

> is a copy of a 1960 restoration of Un Chien
> Andalou.  I didn't try to follow it note for note, though, any more than I
> followed Pacific Rim.  There's not much plot yet available for Mr. Peabody
> and Sherman, but the core of it appears to be, "they break reality, oops" and
> that was good enough to run with.  ;)

Hmmmmm, neat!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, nice strangeness.

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