HCC: HCC #39 -- Movie Plot Mash-ups!

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Thu Sep 5 20:38:02 PDT 2013

     Assuming my own intestines don't strangle me in an attempt to save
humanity from the following idea, I have my mashup, although I kinda cheat
and grab a movie that's due out next Spring.

     LU-61 and his pet human Sherman battle extradimensional kaiju all along
the Pacific Rim through a dreamlike series of temporal rifts that turn many
of the battles into symbolic abstractions thanks to a malfunctioning time
machine, in what may be the least coherent Coherent Super-Stories issue yet,
"Un Chien Androide"!

     Dave Van Domelen, considered Bill & Ted instead of Mr. Peabody &
Sherman, but then realized he could actually set this in ASH....

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