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Cover shows a middle-aged man in swimming trunks embedded in a giant 
ball of twine - his position kind of looking halfway between him being 
pushed through it like a knitting needle, and being wrapped up in a 
cocoon of spider's web.  Beneath him is the label 'Harold Holt'.  On 
either side, partly off panel, are other figures labelled 'Ambrose 
Bierce' and 'Amelia Earhart'.  
Surrounding them are a number of transparent kittens, who seem to be 
smirking triumphantly.
Blurb: 'The Uncertain Fate of Harld Holt: Captured by A Kendle of 
Quantum Kittens in their Timey-Wimey Balls of Super-String!'
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   Author's note: An Australian history joke.  Harolt Holt was the 
Australian Prime Minister from 1966 until his disappearance in 1967.  
He vanished while swimming with friends.  Common sense suggests he got 
into difficulty and drowned, but his body was never found - hence long 
running jokes/urban legends/conspiracy theories such as him being a 
spy who was retrieved by a Chinese mini sub, or (for Azaria Chamberlain 
references) taken by a dingo.
   The Quantum Kittens and their Timey-Wimey Balls of Super-String were 
created by Blair Rammage.  (But this is also uncertain...)
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