META: Author credits finally fixed on Raccowrimo

Wil Alambre wilalambre at
Tue Nov 12 15:42:56 PST 2013

After messing with my code on and off weeks, I finally tracked down the issue that was causing all the Raccowrimo ( posts to come up with “unknown authors”. Seems the author tag in Google Groups’ RSS feeds were a little oddly formed and the PHP library was having trouble properly parsing it. This does not affect most back issues and any news posts, as I have to do all that back-data by hand, unfortunately. But he short version is that its fixed, and barring another sudden-but-inevitable change by Google, posts appear on the Raccowrimo ( site should be properly credited… or at least, credited to the sender of the email.

As a semi-reward to myself, I decided to scratch my complete-amateur-graphic-design itch. Posts for the “Cover Gallery”, “Me 2002”, “You Pay The Cabbie”, "One Page Giant”, “Looniverse Chronicles” and “Bite Size Tales Of The LNH” series will sport some new cover images. You can see them on the list of recent Back Issues ( or in the Cover Gallery ( Enjoy.

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