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On Mon 11/Nov/2013 Andrew Perron (pwerdna at gmail.com)replied to me:
>> I'm pretty sure Anal-Retentive Archive Kid II has been an adult by his 
>> tribe's standards since he participated in a warband at age 12, and 
>> also became a father soon afterwards.
> Oooooooh. That's a good way to work in ARAK III!
Actually, I was kind of intending ARAK III to be just another member of 
the ARAKindle for the purposes of filling out numbers rather than as 
offspring (my gut feeling is that even a kinda-sorta sub group needs a 
minimum of three - although having said that I'm sure that some smartarse 
LNH character will now claim that they are a subgroup of one, in much the 
same way that one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld characters exploited a 
loophole in the Ankh-Morpork city guild laws to set himself up as the 
sole member of the Guild of Cutting-My-Own-Throat Dibblers...)
And the reason I need more members in that group?  So that it looks 
plausibly balanced when they get into an argument with the 
Hyphenated-Eaters Corps and challenge them to an 'inter-fraternity' 
baseball match, something like the Chris Claremont written X-Men annuals 
back in the 1980s.
Saxon Brenton
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