LNH: Cover Gallery #9i

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Mon Nov 11 05:13:51 PST 2013

     This was a common plot point in the DNAgents comic, especially looking
at the relationship between Rainbow (one of the force-grown artificial
humans) and Crossfire (a regular human).  On the one hand, most of them
looked adult (Sham's default form was more of a tween).  On the other, they
were only a few years old and really didn't have the emotional maturity of an
adult.  It was a source of no small angst at times.

     Meanwhile, over in Flare, a similarly age-accelerated Flare and
Sparkplug ended up being more used to feed the associated kink, being
voluptuous adults with the minds of horny 10-year-olds.  (Yeah, even before
it got turned into a blatant excuse for pin-up art behind a paywall, Flare
was getting pretty skeevy.)

     Dave Van Domelen, and let's not even get into Ms. Marvel and Marcus....

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