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> Senses Lass spits back, "I'm an artifical life form, force grown 
> to adulthood in a test tube.  I was judged mature enough to go to 
> an adult prison, so I'm mature enougt to work, to vote, to drive, 
> and to fsck!"

*monocle pops out!*

> Authors notes: Vaguely inspired by a fan comic from Waiting For 
> The T a few months ago that had some Marvel and DC characters 
> (Moonstar, Wonder Girl, Cyclops) being arrested because the people 
> they were dating were force grown clones and hence technically 
> minors.

Ahhhhhh, I see. (Waiting For the T is great.)

> It's probably just one more thing that would need to be 
> sorted out in the courts in a superhero class universe, or, for 
> that matter, in a SF setting where androids achieved legal rights. 
> Of course, it might be a bit easier in a superhero class universe, 
> because you could use the existence of naturally occurring non-human 
> species with faster or slower maturation times as precedents.

Hmmmmmm! Good point. I guess it depends on how you measure mental age, and
the various methods that cloners use to adjust that. I certainly don't want
to be the one to set that precedent - not without some magic handwavey
technology that can Just Tell.

> I'm pretty sure Anal-Retentive Archive Kid II has been an adult by his 
> tribe's standards since he participated in a warband at age 12, and 
> also became a father soon afterwards.

Oooooooh. That's a good way to work in ARAK III!

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