SW10/HCC: Me 2003, Wave 2 #2a: Four Heroes, Part 2

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On Fri, 8 Nov 2013 02:28:37 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> What Has Gone Before:  The year is 2003.  Wyatt Ferguson, Ellipsis, a 
> Superman-type hero named Captain Mighty, and an All-Girl Racing Team are 
> sponsored by Nevada Power and Light.  They have gathered at a marina 
> near Chicago for a publicity appearance.

Woohoo! <3 <3 <3

> "Of all the alternate Earths, there is only one which has *more* than 
> one hero who could usurp your leadership in Ordered Realities.  It's SW10."

Hmmmm! Fascinating, both on a "what, really just the one?" level and an
"oooh, universe tag" level.

> "Right.  Though the Powernaut is inactive now; people aren't even sure 
> he ever existed.  That world has at best a pale substitute now.

Ah, the early '00s.

> But 
> Ellipsis is indeed one of the possibilities.  The other is a seeming 
> non-entity named Wyatt Ferguson.  Despite Mister Ferguson's relative 
> lack of power, Ellipsis considers him a rival.  And episodic analysis 
> indicates this Mister Ferguson could be an important factor."

You watched the box set, didn't you?

> But then I heard that Ellipsis voice in my head.  "This Is A Reality 
> Storm.  He Will Only Make It Cause More Destruction.  I Must Stop Him." 
>   Yes, Ellipsis always speaks like this.  Even in person.

Ellipsis Maryam?

> But then...  "I Require Witnesses.  You, Roxanne Scott.  And You, Wyatt 
> Ferguson."

What the

> Captain Mighty shuddered at first.  But then he said, "... No!  Power of 
> - a Mighty Hero!"
> He transformed.  He'd been about 6'6" and big-jawed, with a cape.  But 
> he became more Buck Rogers-like, 6'3", with a sort of poncho.  He said 
> in a different voice, "Oh.  I'm back."
> Roxie gaped and said, "Powernaut?"

!!! Oh, I see. o.o Good twist!

> "... Racer Girl?"
> "Uh, no!  Not me!  But I'm a big fan of her cartoons!  Uh, I was as a 
> kid anyway.  Not that I'm not now..."
> "Ssh.  The door just opened.  Right now you can *be* the Racer Girl if 
> you want."

Hmmmmmm, interesting.

> Ellipsis was silent.  Oh, fat lot of help he was.  So I spoke up.  "Uh. 
>   'Powernaut'.  Are you another of those Superman wannabe clones like 
> this Captain Mighty was?"
> "Super man?  *Want to be?*  *CLONE?*  NO! 

Heeheeheehee. <3 Yes good.

> "Racer Girl?"
>  From Roxie's spot, a woman spoke.  "Yes."  She'd turned taller and 
> blonde, with some kind of small glowing pyramid in her hand.

Racer Deeeeee! <3 <3 <3

> Ellipsis *whispered* to me, by his mind standards.  "Somehow they now 
> draw upon archetypes from beyond.  Their power is *highly* increased.  I 
> can no longer easily stop them."

Hmmmmmmm. o.o So... did they turn into those people, or gain their powers,
or do a Shazam-esque identity-swap, or???

> "Chancellor Stanjem, we have SW10 results.  The Powernaut made a brief 
> appearance to confront trouble, but has since disappeared.  We also 
> think we can rule out Wyatt Ferguson as a factor; his first impulse was 
> to evade trouble, not confront it.  That leaves only Ellipsis who wishes 
> to *control* trouble."
> "Excellent.  Just add Ellipsis to the list with the others, then.  We'll 
> get to him in due time."

Dun dun dunnnnn...

> This story is in response to High Concept Challenge, "Missing Story". 


> It pretty well dwarfs anyone Ellipsis knows, even 
> including one "Captain Mighty" who is the most powerful being the U.S. 
> Government has access to.


> 2003 has a visiting team, whom Captain Mighty's mysterious power has 
> opened a door to.  The Powernaut and his ally Racer Girl were last seen 
> in 1966, in cartoons which some people within SW10 may remember. 
> (Powernaut 1966!)  Now that the door is open, they or people like them 
> may be seen again.  (Powernaut 2005!)


> I've put everything I could into this story.  It makes more sense now 
> that I've waited ten years to finish it.  It has become a true "Trinity" 
> episode for my universe, with one remaining mysterious thing from 
> beyond.  So it's still Four Heroes.

<3 Very, very well-done.

> I have no immediate plans to publish this story on my web site.  It 
> obviously belongs in 2003, but it relies on Powernaut plot elements 
> which are not found there before 2005, as well as some nomenclature 
> which I only introduced in 2010.  I can't really put it with Powernaut 
> comics, unless I some day decide to draw it.  I might have to stow it 
> alongside my Superhuman World 2012 Annual, but I have better things to 
> write for the 2013 Annual.  So right now, this is a RACC-only special!

My evil plans continue apace!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, continuity smash!!

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