LNH/REVIEW: Kid Review's Roundup: October 2013

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Mon Nov 11 00:40:18 PST 2013

Andrew Perron wrote:
> "The RACCelestials were looking over my issues to date, and..." He coughed
> into his hand. "They were, um, a bit *concerned* about whether or not I was
> really properly helping them in their ongoing judgment of
> rec.arts.comics.creative. So... they blatantly stole the format of End of
> Month Reviews and told me to use it." He sighed deeply. "Really, terribly
> sorry."
[scratches head]  But is it really stolen if it was just discarded and left 
lying about for anyone to pick up?
> Cover Gallery #1i-8i
> "Arthur, inspired by the concept, threw out one of his own the same day
> that I posted the first. I seriously love this sort of thing, and hope more
> people get inspired the same way. <3"
Really?  Well, okay.
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