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Senses Lass stands in a spotlight before a wall.  She is in a 
defensive position, ready to attack if necessary, looking determined 
and more than a bit irritated. 
In the extreme foreground can be seen the heads and shoulders and 
accusingly pointing hands of several figures, exclaiming, "Little 
girl, you should be in school, not working as a net.hero!"
Senses Lass spits back, "I'm an artifical life form, force grown 
to adulthood in a test tube.  I was judged mature enough to go to 
an adult prison, so I'm mature enougt to work, to vote, to drive, 
and to fsck!"
Cover blurb: Call the Lethal Lawyers!  It's time for more 
superhuman case law hijinks!  What price 'human' rights?

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Authors notes: Vaguely inspired by a fan comic from Waiting For 
The T a few months ago that had some Marvel and DC characters 
(Moonstar, Wonder Girl, Cyclops) being arrested because the people 
they were dating were force grown clones and hence technically 
minors.  It's probably just one more thing that would need to be 
sorted out in the courts in a superhero class universe, or, for 
that matter, in a SF setting where androids achieved legal rights. 
Of course, it might be a bit easier in a superhero class universe, 
because you could use the existence of naturally occurring non-human 
species with faster or slower maturation times as precedents.  I'm 
pretty sure Anal-Retentive Archive Kid II has been an adult by his 
tribe's standards since he participated in a warband at age 12, and 
also became a father soon afterwards.
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