WWW: Ripping Off King Arthur #76 -- Tanza Late Part Four

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Wed May 29 20:52:21 PDT 2013

On Wed, 29 May 2013 22:32:08 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> On 05/28/2013 09:59 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>> On 5/28/13 9:46 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:

>>> I'll second that.  Notwithstanding any cluelessness on my part, I didn't
>>> get that vibe at all.
> As I've mentioned, I got more of a Wyatt Ferguson vibe.  Wyatt is 
> typically not a hero; he's more a survivor of weirdness, not a fighter 
> against it.

Indeed. Wyatt is a non-superhero character in a superhero universe,

>> ... yes Ripping Dancer and Fearless Leader are both much better human
>> beings than Tanza and Max.
> And they're heroes.  But in Tanza and Max's defense, there's not yet any 
> apparent reason to *fight* the weirdness around them.

...Tanza and Max are non-superhero characters in a non-superhero universe
(mostly, so far). It makes sense that they wouldn't be quite as upright,
especially as Tanza's genre is more noir, which is all about flawed

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