LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents Special #2: "Age of Ultivac: Alpha"

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Fri May 24 21:25:35 PDT 2013

On 5/24/2013 8:33 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:

> "Yes, and now--" Otherkin Lad's hand shook. "Now I must destroy you
> before you can destroy the future!!"
> "Well, okay, or I could do-- THIS! haha~" Kid E pushed a button, and
> "APPOINTMENT CANCELED" flashed on the phone.
> Suddenly, a nimbus of crackling light surrounded Otherkin Lad. He
> barely had time to blink before he disappeared.

gee, Andrew, you're not having Kid Enthusiastic die squalidly with his 
last words being, "Manga Girl, get this guy off me!"  What kind of Age 
of Ultivac story is this?

(signed) Scott Eiler, who is already resigned to his own characters 
being more heroic than Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  8{C>

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- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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