WWW: NEW! "The Continentals: Death Defying Acts!!!" up now

Darryl Hughes deemoneygrip at webtv.net
Wed May 15 03:24:02 PDT 2013

Yeah, I know. I've heard from 2 or 3 folks now who thought this was a
different guy. But if you go back to the last two panels on the previous
page you see Smythe, Fiona, and the bobbies looking at something on the
ground, and on the very last panel you see a blood drop trail leading up
to a wall with blood smears going up it. It's a bit hard to tell it's
blood and not, say, dirt in an alley because it's in black and white. So
yeah, maybe the blood should hae been made more prominent.

Sorry for the confusion.



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