HCC: High Concept #37: Collaboration Challenge!

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Fri Jun 21 21:29:14 PDT 2013

On Sunday, June 16, 2013 7:54:46 PM UTC-7, Tom Russell wrote:
> Both stories were quite excellent (in fact, all eight were pretty great!), each succeeding in the different way it answered the challenge. In the end, however, I'll break the tie in Rob's favor.

Hey, wow!  Thank you very much!  

I thought this was one of the best collection of contest
entries we've had in quite a while -- so this was really
an honor.

And now for the next challenge.  In the spirit of 
RACC, I'm calling for... a Team Challenge!

That's right -- you MUST collaborate with another
writer or artist in some way, shape or form to
qualify for this entry.

How you collaborate is up to you.  Spitballing
ideas with another writer?  Working with an artist
to illustrate your ideas?  Bodily merging with
other creative types into an all-powerful gestalt
being?  Hey, whatever works!

The deadline is Bastille Day -- Sunday, July 14.

As someone once said... come together.  Right
now.  Over me.

--Rob Rogers
--Groovin' up slowly

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