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Darryl Hughes deemoneygrip at webtv.net
Sun Jun 16 05:20:16 PDT 2013

I'm not thinking big and publishing small, I'm publishing in color,
which is a whole different animal then publishing in b&w if you've ever
done it.

If Chevalier was b&w it would be released in one graphic novel as was my
original intent. But the publisher I had at the time wisely said it
would be more "cost effective" to put a children's book out in smaller
portions. which means that we'd get more to market quicker, and be
earning us money while in production.

PLUS as I said this is color. Whole different animal. It's F-ing
expensive. Which is why most POD creators steer clear of it--Including
myself. You make absolutely no profit because the production cost is so
high and you have to try and keep the price low and competitive. No
profit you say? Yes, no profit. Monique and I have to sell 2 copies of
Chevalier to earn a solid dollar in profit. Whereas we make $4 or $5
profit on every copy of our trades of The Continentals and GAAK and they
have MUCH higher page counts. The difference? Color versus B&W.

Other then Chevalier and any probable sequels to it, I'll never work in
color again. Not really worth it.

Sorry to go on like that, but it's complicated.


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