HCC: HCC #38 - Super-Pets!

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sat Jul 27 08:20:31 PDT 2013

     Andrew has deferred to me on the choice, so I've picked the topic and
will run the voting (which means, IMO, that Andrew is eligible to compete in
this one should he desire).

     The high concept for HCC #38 is Super-Pets!  As an optional increased
level of difficulty and/or inspiration, super-pets with secret identity
problems.  Either they're abnormally intelligent animals and are hiding their
own secret, or they're normally intelligent animals and their owners are
trying to keep the secret, or some combination.

     Since many of us are involved in academia to some extent, I'm going to
set a longer than usual deadline on this, of a whole month.  So you have
until the end of the day, Central Daylight Time, on August 27 to post your

     Dave Van Domelen, should be settled in enough to run the voting by

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