META: Credited and uncredited posts

Wil Alambre wilalambre at
Mon Jul 15 18:42:07 PDT 2013

If you've been to recently and been wondering about the "unknown fictioneer",  its because I only recently noticed my scripts have not been properly crediting news and issue posts when parsing the Google Groups news feeds. I'll see about fixing the scripts in the next couple days, and manually update author data of the issue posts.

Speaking of author credits, is anyone interested in getting their Google Plus profile associated with their posts? Its a relatively straightforward process, only requiring two steps:

1. Send me a link to your Google Plus profile from the email address you use to post to the RACC group
2. Add to your Google Plus profile as a Link

I'll set up the site to automatically add the correct code, and Google will eventually display any search results to my site like this:

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