HCC: An Imperial Proclamation!

EDMLite robrogers72 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 12:30:35 PDT 2013


It gives me great pleasure to address you 
in this manner, and at this time.

As many of you will no doubt remember, I
was (prior to my untimely demise in 1821)
considered something of a man of letters
myself.  And thus it pleased me greatly
to hear that your Legion of Net.Heroes
(based, one presumes, on the Legion of
Honor which I created) and other esteemed
entities in this organization of authors
would announce the winners of the 
latest High Concept Contest on the
occasion of my country's La Fête Nationale
(as you say, Bastille Day) on July 14.

I am further heartened to see the quality
of work which this so-called "Collaboration
Challenge" has generated -- including
the following tales of the fantastic:

All-New Legion of Net.Heroes #1 
(LNH) by Andrew Perron, Edward Protera and Renata

Coherent Super Stories #32, “Making Contract” 
(ASH) by Dave Van Domelen and Andrew Burton

Devil Missionaries from Hell #1 
(LNH/SHW) by Andrew Perron and Scott Eiler

Orphans of Mars # 1, "Imperatrix Rex!" 
(8FOLD) by Tom Russell and Mary Russell

So many number ones at one time!  Like the DC
Comics, no?  I may have been gone from the field
for a time, but never let it be said that the
Emperor does not understand strategy!

However, I have recently been asked to
postpone voting on this challenge until
WEDNESDAY, JULY 17 to accommodate a late entry.
Although I am always pained to delay the
exercise of a republican process, it 
nevertheless pleases me to award a boon on this
happy occasion.  So let it be written!  So let
it be done!  

(This also answers my own needs, as the
Emperor was hitting the Bourbon a little hard
last evening.  Worry yourselves not; the
Bourbon surely deserved it, the royalist dog!)

I have spoken!  Now, take to your pens and write!

(in association with Rob Rogers)

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