GC: GC#15: Running With the Devin

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Here we are again, everyone.  As usual, I've been slacking on my duties.  Someday I'll do better about this (he says, yet again, and no one anywhere believes him).  As always, visit http://goddesscorrespondence.tumblr.com for more.

I saw something this week that I haven’t seen in a while. The sun rising over the ocean, waves breaking over the sand as the world starts to come alive again. It’s such a beautiful image, don’t you think? Scenes like that are what remind me that this is all worth it. All the work and effort and anxiety, trying to keep things from falling apart, worrying that Lydia is going to do something stupid. A view like this reminds me of exactly why I put up with it. How could we ruin something as beautiful as that?

- Elana

Have I mentioned recently that I love my sister? Well, I do. She isn’t just a sister even. Honestly she feels more like my parent than a sister. I guess that makes sense. She just has that sort of air around her, you know? She would make a really good parent I think. She’s sweet and kind and caring, and I hope she finds happiness. I know she’s probably going crazy worrying about me. That’s just the kind of person she is. Worrying about everyone all the time.

I remember she used to run around cleaning the house when she was little. She’s always been such a neat freak. Back then it was just annoying. Now, well, I never really thought about how upset I’d be if she was gone until she was. Seriously, the rest of the universe could burn for all I care, but I don’t think I could handle this without her around. But I guess that’s pretty obvious after what happened, huh?

Honestly, I should do something nice for her. She deserves it. She’s always been there when I needed her to give me advice and keep me from doing something really stupid.

So, here’s something I’ve been needing to talk about for a while. It’s kind of important and it affects all of you so No, maybe next time. I’m not ready for it yet. Let’s just get back to the important stuff.

I’m not really sure how long I ran. I know that Wallowitz kept watching the monitor, and Albert kept pushing the button on the front to speed it up. I know I ran. I kept running, and they kept pushing buttons. The world slowed down around me again, just a bit slower each time they pushed it. I wasn’t trying to keep up. It was more like my legs just moved on their own and I didn’t have any say in the matter.

Eventually I heard Albert say something that sounded a lot like “stop". Even more obvious once the treadmill started to slow down. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t really ready for it to slow down. My legs kept moving at light speed and there wasn’t enough room to slow myself down.

WHAM! My stomach slammed into the console part of the treadmill. Not exactly ready for that, I groaned and doubled over, holding it and wincing. Really, I should just be happy that I didn’t lose my lunch all over the place.

Of course, the treadmill still hadn’t stopped, even though I had. Before I realized what was happening, I was flying off the back end of it. All of a sudden I hit something soft and fairly giving, slamming into it and falling down with it into a heap. “Son of a bitch… ow…"

“Will you get OFF me?" Albert was muffled, and it didn’t take much guessing to figure out where he was.

I grumbled as I pulled myself up off of him. “Hey, well, thanks for breaking my fall. I guess."

“Goddammit I think I broke something." He complained the whole time he was coming back to his feet, looking over at me. “You need to be more careful."

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get right on that." I waved my hand dismissively, dusting myself off and looking around at the others. “What? Like you both didn’t see that coming."

For her part, Rachel was trying not to laugh, covering her mouth with her hand and looking away. Wallowitz made a point to look at the monitor, finding it really interesting suddenly. Well, at least they’re not laughing at me. Surprisingly civil, really.

“Anyway. I have your results here. You managed to run over 30 miles an hour before we stopped the test!" His voice was shaky, overwhelmed by how fucking amazing I was. “And your vitals… you barely even moved. I mean…" He took a deep breath before speaking again, trying to regain his composure. “Even at that speed, your heart rate barely moved! It’s just not medically possible…"

“Calm yourself, doctor." Rachel spoke up now, walking over to stand next to him. “It does look pretty amazing, though, I can’t argue with that."

“Well, I guess it is possible, because I just did it." I smirked, looking over at the doctor again. Damn, I never really figured out how fast I was before. I could go a lot faster, though, probably… what the hell?

“Yes, apparently, but, how?" The doctor started up again. “That seems to violate several laws of physics and-"

“Well, I just did it, so obviously it doesn’t. Ugh, do I have to keep repeating myself?" I sighed, rubbing my legs and doing a couple of stretches. “So what now? Do I get to go home? We done here?"

“Of course not." Albert said, stepping up behind me. “Did you really think we would go to all this effort just to get one single test done? I’m afraid we’ll need a lot more than that."

FUCK! Son of a bitch this is terrible. I am such an idiot! They’re going to kidnap me! My heart started to race as I stepped backwards, holding my arms up and looking back and forth between them. “What? Yeah, no, I don’t think so. I’m going to go before y-"

“We’re going to need a few more tests. We have some weights for you to lift, for one." He smiled, which was honestly a really weird thing coming from him. I’m pretty sure that was the only time it ever happened that didn’t make me want to punch him in his stupid fat face.

For now, though, it did as intended. It made me relax. I just nodded my head slowly, laughing awkwardly and trying to cover up how stupid I felt. Damn, Lydia, you are totally paranoid. “Right, I was just saying I… should hurry, is all. Just fucking with you, you know?" A grin. It wasn’t working, I could tell.

“Of course. I’m glad you enjoy it." All three of them nodded, and then Albert and Rachel moved to get the weights, while Doctor Wallowitz continued to drool over the readouts.

I won’t bore you with any more of this. You can guess how it went from here. Look at me, being awesome, blowing everyone away with my mighty might and all that shit. Next time we’ll fast forward a bit.

Oh, and, if any of you are reading this - especially you, Rachel - send me a message. Think of it as for science, doctor. Or something. No, I’m not going to kill you, I wouldn’t have brought you back if I was. Even though it’s tempting. Just do it, it’s important.

- Lydia

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