LNH/HCC: All-New Legion of Net.Heroes #1

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 22:43:55 PDT 2013

LLL         AAA     LL      LL             NNN   NN EEEEEEE WW      WW
LLL        AA AA    LL      LL             NNNN  NN EE      WW      WW
LLL       AAAAAAA   LL      LL      ====== NN NN NN EEEEE    WW WW WW
LLL      AA     AA  LL      LL             NN  NNNN EE       WWWWWWWW
LLL                                                 |                 |
LLLLLLLLLLLLLL                                      |   Session #1    |
LLLLLLLLLLLLLL E G I O N  O F  N E T . H E R O E S  |                 |
ANDREW PERRON as Kid Enthusiastic
and introducing RENATA as Network Lass and Jesefa
THE BACKSTORY: Somewhere, somehow, the emotions and thoughts that flow 
through the Internet have been used in a ritual that opened a channel 
between the Net and the great cosmic beings of the Universe. Now, there 
is *power* flowing - from the Net to humanity and back!

The mysterious Genesis has come from seemingly nowhere. She claims to 
be powered by one of these beings, Galeos, and is trying to recruit the 
net.powered to be ready for an attack by her mysterious "sister".

  You see here a young woman, about 23 years old. She stands about 5'10"
tall, with crimson hair and an equally intense pair of green eyes, bright
and inquisitive. Her hair is long, nearly down to her rear, and is bound up
in a single, thick braid, leaving her trimmed bangs to hang loose. Reddish
freckles are dotted across the pale skin of her cheeks and over her small
nose, resting above a pair of moderately full lips, ever unadorned with
lipstick, frequently upturned in a smile or grin. A strong, slightly
squared jaw completes the picture, terminating in a slightly clefted chin.
	Her body is athletically toned, muscles rippling and bulging slightly
beneath her skin. a A well-muscled back and strong shoulders support into a
pair of long arms, terminating in hands strong and well-worked but
decidedly feminine. Her bust is slightly on the large side, though not
oerwhelmingly so. Lightly-defined abs serve as the centerpiece for a
well-exercised core, leading into wide hips and a plush rear. From there,
appropriately thick thighs and firm calves lead down into a pair of cute
feet, ending in unadorned toes.
	Over her right eye and ear is a slender single-eyed visor with a
green-tinted lens, only part of a larger ensemble--she's currently wearing
a black, skintight bodysuit, attached to which is a set of slim armor
plating that covers most of her body aside from the joints. It's obviously
quite advanced, and appears to be of alien design. It's built for
maneuverability, and is a matte black with gold trim at the edge of the

A former human whose body has become pure energy. She communicates 
through network-connected devices, and projects an avatar into a 
robotic body.

You see a young woman, looking in her late teens or early twenties. She's
around six feet tall, with an athletic build, her strawberry blonde hair
hanging loose to her shoulders. Her eyes are bright green, and glow when
she feels a strong emotion. She is currently wearing a short green dress,
along with matching elbow-length gloves and knee-length boots.

The son of two prominent activists and rabblerousers, James Mamoru 
Preponderation doesn't have any net.given powers - but when the call 
went out, he tracked it back and presented himself! He's super-smart 
and skilled at building gadgets on a budget!

A ten-year-old boy of mixed East Asian and Caucasian heritage. He has
short, spiky brown hair (but in more of a kid way than an anime way), black
eyes, and a sort of medium build. He wears a tye-dyed red-and-blue T-shirt,
jeans, and those shoes with pop-out rollerskates in them.

A strange-looking woman who claims to be a succubus from another world, 
stuck in this one after the surge of power. By her own account, she's 
got ulterior motives, and is less interested in heroism and more in 
potential rewards.

Jesefa appears to be a fourteen year old girl, tall and slender. She is
attractive, with symmetrical features and full red lips. Her blue eyes,
framed by long lashes, sparkle with innocence. Her hair is black, with
purple streaks every couple of inches, and is tied back into a ponytail.
She is currently wearing a yellow tank top and blue shorts, showing off her
long legs.


As yet, the headquarters of the Legion of Net.Heroes (the name was Kid E's
idea) is a small affair--really, they just rented out a couple floors of
commercial office space.

Kid Enthusiastic sits on one of the cheap plastic chairs, swinging his

Genesis is sitting at what passes for the front desk with her feet up,
staring at the ceiling. Slow day; or at least, so it appears. We're sure
Genesis is thinking about SOMETHING important.

<OOC> Genesis . o (why the hell do humans like justin bieber)

Kid Enthusiastic hmmmmmmm. Hm! Hmmmmmmm

Kid Enthusiastic pokes at his phone, swyping furiously.

Kid Enthusiastic yes, definitely hmmmm

Genesis looks over at Kid E. "What are you doing?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Getting on top of the leaderboard in Furious
Ocelots! ^-^"

Genesis stares. "Furiwhat?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "It's a game I'm playing with my Mysterious Friend,
the one who's been sending us that information."

Network Lass is lurking greenly.

(It isn't easy being green)

Genesis says, "Oh, huh. Don't beat 'em down too hard, then. Don't want to
piss them off..."

Network Lass says, "I don't really play computer games much any more.
Considering my awesome techopathic powers, communing with such simplistic
software would be a trivial and hollow exercise for me."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "I go easy on no human! But they might not be human,
so okay."

Network Lass grins. "Ok, that's only mostly true"

Kid Enthusiastic giggles. "But VIRTUAL REALITY! Woo~oo~oo"

Genesis says, "Gotten anything from them today?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Nah. Well, except apparently there's going to be a
jewelery store robbery?"

Genesis groans and sits up in her chair, pausing mid-lean as Kid E
explains, staring at him. "That's... kind of important to mention, you
know. When and where?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "At the corner of Penn and Lang, innnnn... ten

Genesis blinks. "And you didn't think to mention this earlier?!" She looks
at the computer screen Network Lass is at. "Do, uh... whatever it is you
do. The rest of you, with me." She bolts upright, hopping over the desk,
opens a window, and jumps out. (they're on the second floor)

Jesefa follows!

Kid Enthusiastic jumps out! "Catch meeeeeeee~"

Genesis gack! Swoops up to catch Kid Enthusiastic. "Don't you have, like...
rocket shoes or something?" she asks, setting him down and starting to run
on foot.

Kid Enthusiastic pops out his roller skates and tries to keep up. "I'm
working on them! By the way, can I buy $200 of parts using the team

Jesefa giggles, running after Genesis

Genesis would be staring at Kid E if not for the fact that she needs to
look where she's running. "What? No! We barely have enough to keep the
lights on as it is right now. That's why we're doing all this, we need to
get our public image up if we're going to be effective."

Network Lass wires money to Kid E anonymously

<OOC> Kid Enthusiastic says, "Later: 'Whoohoo, seven bucks!'"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Dangs and poo!"

Jesefa grins. "Don't worry, when we do this, I can persuade them to give us
a big reward. Maybe even bigger than what was stolen"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Oh, that sounds totally innocent and good! <3"

Jesefa nods. "I know!"

Genesis stops. "Wait. 'Persuade'? What do you mean 'persuade'?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Whoa hey"

Kid Enthusiastic catches a lightpole to stop.

Jesefa smiles. "You know, make them really grateful, so they'd give us

Genesis says, "Make them really grateful? Remind me again what your powers

Jesefa giggles. "Control over bodily functions, including hormones, body
chemistry, stuff like that. So basically I make them feel really, really
happy when we help them, maybe throw in a little infatuation, and boom.
Easy money."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Hmmmmm! I think that's *probably* not a good guy
thing. ...right? `.`"

Genesis sighs. "Dammit, no, it isn't. That's not what a hero does. Now come
on, we're wasting time." She bolts off again.

Jesefa pouts. "I don't see why not... We're helping, right?"

Genesis sighs. "Dammit, no, it isn't. That's not what a hero does. The
people have to *believe* in us, they have to genuinely trust us. What
you're suggesting essentially amounts to mind control."

Kid Enthusiastic pulls out the phone and starts playing Dramatic Speech

Jesefa shakes her head. "I'm not controlling their minds, I'm controlling
their emotions. There's a big difference..." She folds her arms, hmfing

Jesefa says, "They're still basically the same person..."

Genesis groans. "We're *not* getting into this. Just... don't do it. E, put
the music away, we need to get to the scene."

Kid Enthusiastic aw. He puts it away. "Actually, we're here already."

Kid Enthusiastic ta-da!

Genesis blinks. "What the..."

The store is quiet, though there are a couple onlookers at the window,
peering out at the strange-looking people on the street.

Jesefa looks at you.

Jesefa sighs. "Fiiine... So, what's the plan?"

Genesis says, "Well, first off, we need to time this better next time. I'd
rather not have people thinking we've set this all up ourselves. Second of
all, we wait. Either our presence is going to scare them off, or we'll be
able to catch them in the act. How are we for time, E?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Looks like two minutes!"

Jesefa leans against the wall, chewing bubblegum

Kid Enthusiastic pokes his rollerskates back in and pulls out a pair of
binoculars from his back pocket.

Genesis nods. "Okay. If nothing happens in the next 5, we leave."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "10, and that's my final offer!"

Genesis sigh. :I

Jesefa pops a bubble. "Yeah, never thought heroing would be so boring..."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Maybe we should actually go in there. `.`"

Genesis says, "Why? Either they'll be coming in there from out here, or
they're already in there and we'll be able to see when they start doing
their thing."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Yeah, but like. We should at least go in and be all
'Citizens never fear!'"

Jesefa says, "I could literally remove their fear, if that would help"

Genesis chuckles. "Okay. I can't see the harm in that... and no. No using
your powers on anyone but bad guys unless I say so. Got it?" She glares at

Jesefa rolls her eyes. "Ok, ok, jeez. I really don't see how it could hurt,
but fine"

Kid Enthusiastic is already opening the door! "Citizens never fear!"
There's only one person left in there at this point, the guy behind the
counter. He looks nervous, but wouldn't you be?

Genesis glances behind her, then smiles at the clerk. "Hi, we're
superheroes," she says matter-of-factly.

Jesefa nods. "The superest. Wait, no, that sounds dumb..."

"Uh, sure you are," he says. "What can I do for you?" He carefully stays
behind the counter.

Genesis says, "Well! Apparently, there's a robbery of this place scheduled
for about... a minute or so from now? Don't ask how we know, we're not
entirely sure ourselves, but we're here to catch the would-be robbers in
the act. Or possibly scare them off from doing it in the first place..."

"Oh, well, that's," he says, stammering. "That's just... I mean, we've
never had a robbery in this neighborhood, I don't see how, why..."

Genesis smiles. "And we're here to make sure you don't have any!"

Kid Enthusiastic peers at the exquisitely expensive breakable wares. o.o

The back door opens, and a man peeks out. The guy at the counter waves him
off. "Well, that's, heh, sure nice of you, but as you can see, there's
nobody robbing this place..."

Jesefa shrugs. "Ok, guess this was a waste of time..."

Genesis narrows her eyes at the man at the counter, giving a meaningful nod
in her companions' direction. "Think I'll be taking a look in the back.
They might be hiding; jewel thieves can be pretty crazy!" She hops
effortlessly over the counter, moving to open the door despite any protests
to the contrary.

The man says, "No, wait, you're not allowed--" In the back room, the back
door is open, and a half-dozen men are loading wares into a running truck.

Genesis HAH! "Oy! Take care of him!" she shouts back into the front,
lifting off her feet and darting out in front of the truck. "You're not
going anywhere."

Jesefa nods, and lazily waves her hand, turning the guy's nervousness into
paralysing terror

The guy tries to run, freezes up, trips, and falls. Kid Enthusiastic
handcuffs him to one of the display cases.

Half of them run; one hops up into the truck and tries to get it going. Two
others pull out blackjacks.

Genesis quickly smashes her armored hand into the hood of the truck,
penetrating the engine block and instantly disabling their ride. Her other
hand starts to shoot green force-blasts at the runners, though she's
probably not going to be quick enough to get them all. "LITTLE HELP?"

Jesefa runs through to the back room, pointing at the runners one by one.
Most collapse to the ground, sobbing, while a handful stop in their tracks,
turning back to charge at Genesis, screaming with rage. "Think you can
handle those?"

Kid Enthusiastic stops at the door and hmmmmms. "Okay, so, what's good
here... ah, I know!" He tosses a smoke bomb between Genny and the dudes
attacking her.

Genesis grins. She switches her vision to infrared, stepping into the
smoke, and as the pair of enraged crooks closes in on where she *was*, she
conks their heads together comically, knocking them both out.

Jesefa looks around. "Soo... is that everyone?"

Kid Enthusiastic shouts, "Woohoo! We did it!" He does a funky moonwalk

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Wow, it sure was great that that startlingly
specific prediction was sent to us!"

Genesis says, "How does your 'mysterious friend' even get their

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Mysteriously, of course!"

Jesefa says, "Duh"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Sheesh, Genny."

Jesefa giggles

Genesis sighs. "I'm not comfortable just getting our information out of
this 'crystal ball'. It hasn't been wrong so far, but I'm wary of anyone
with this sort of prediction ability.

Jesefa rolls her eyes. "You're wary of everyone. Maybe you should relax a

Genesis says, "Yeah, I'm not exactly willing to let down my guard while...
/she's/ still out there. Has your oracle found anything out about where she
is or what she's doing?"

Kid Enthusiastic shakes his head. "Not a hide or a hair! There's zero
Internet fingerprints."

Genesis says, "She's out there, though... planning for something. And
whatever it is, we need to be ready.."


Editor's Note: How's that for collaboration? <3

For some time now, I've had a small private MUSH. When I recently 
decided to make it a bit friendlier for roleplaying, I decided to 
create a world where new LNH stories could be told! At first, I was 
thinking stories in the pre-existing Looniverses, but I figured it'd be 
easier for my players to start with minimal backstory. And hey, this 
was something that's common in new superhero universes, but that the 
LNH has never done! Bonus!

If you're interested in swinging by sometime, just drop me an email and 
I'll send you the info to get on!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, newish media!

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