HCC: High Concept Challenge 34 Voting

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 21:06:50 PST 2013

Dvandom asked:
> Is there a list somewhere of all the HCCs so far? It's getting to 
> where I'm having trouble remembering if an idea has already been 
> used. ;)
A young woman with subcontinental Indian features wanders on stage. 
"Do not fear Dvandom, for I - Anal-Retentive Archive Kid III - have 
used the entry on the 8Fold wiki and then scrolled through the 
Eyrie's monthly post accumulations to produce this list..."
01: The forgotten man
02: Superhuman worried about kids; uplifted but non-anthropomorphic 
03: Talking to animals
04: Kitbashing
05: Anachronoid.
06: "When the Earth becomes infested with hardwired aliens, one 
    Earthling and his/her chocolate respond by swimming."
07: Olympics
08: Opposites
09: The red planet
10: The immigrant experience
11: Death traps
12: Under the weather
13: A legacy reclaimed
14: Surprisingly awesome animal hero
15: The new job / Subterranean world
16: The epic poem
17: Zombies
18: Unicorn / sasquatch war
19: 'What is the secret of the silver skull machine?'
20: Behind blue eyes  
21: Summer blockbuster!
22: Someone else's characters
23: Mythrepresentation
24: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
25: Le challenge French
26: 24 minute challenge
27: The element of surprise
28: The last place you'd think to look
29: In the name Of good, ye not guilty
30: Legion of Net.Heroes #50 collaboration
31: Big monster battle
32: Lateness
33: (Neo)Edwardian comedy of manners and/or an apocalyptic Christian 
34: Working class hero
Saxon Brenton
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