LNH: The LNH Trivia Challenge!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 29 16:28:53 PST 2013

It's been awhile since we've had any sort of Trivia contest (1998?) and 
I thought something like that could be fun, but since I'm too lazy to 
actually make a whole quiz I've decided to make it a game where the 
first person who answers the previous person's question correctly then 
asks their own LNH related question and so on.  The game goes on until 
we either reach 21 questions answered or a question is so hard (or 
people are so apathetic about it) that it doesn't get answered after one 
week has passed.

The winner of this LNH trivia game is whoever gets the most points. 
Points would be decided by how fast the first person to answer correctly 
takes to answer correctly.  (e.g.  If you answer the same day the 
question gets asked you get 7 points.  After that each day costs a point.)

All LNH trivia questions are restricted to stuff that is either in the 
eyrie archives or the USENET google group archives.  So no questions 
about stories that can only be read on the LNH Authors Group or Saxon's 
hard drive.

Okay... now to the first question:


LNH Trivia Question #1:

What is the name of at least one LNH Character who appeared in a 
RACChallenge Issue (as well as the issue number and series (at least one 
if the character appeared in multiple issues) that character appeared in)?



Okay then... (unless anyone has some questions)...

Arthur "Answer Away!" Spitzer

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