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Scott Eiler seiler at
Sun Jan 20 17:03:45 PST 2013

On 1/19/2013 2:58 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:
> A few days later when everyone had arrived for RACC-Con we
> all went and had dinner at a quite nice seafood restaurant
> overlooking Benicia bay.  And as Rob has said, I decided to
> try an experiment by taking some of the pre-meal complimentary
> bread and carefully carving it into a star shape.  I had a
> bit of trouble because what I thought was a particularly
> thick piece of bread was in fact two pieces stuck together
> (careless, unobservant Saxon...) but that simply meant I
> ended up with two pieces of star-shaped bread, which Rob
> passed on to Perry.  He duly scoffed down the first, but
> IIRC he was less interested in the second.

I saw this True RACC Story the day after my favorite Seattle local radio 
show was impressed by a listener calling in from Yuma, Arizona.  Well, 
RACC impressed the town of Benicia in much the same way.

We'd gone into San Francisco on Saturday, so on Sunday we declared an 
afternoon of local fun.  The venue was the Benicia Camel Barn Museum, 
which commemorates an ill-fated experiment by the U.S. Army with 
unconventional pack animals.  Perry came along, and might well have had 
the time of his life, because small-town museum docents love little 
boys.  We arranged for him to get a small California state flag to wave, 
because flags are of course a gateway drug to world domination.  The 
museum operators were also impressed to have guests from Seattle *and* 
Yuma.  But Saxon impressed them the most with where he came from.

So yeah, one more vote for Saxon as Most Impressive.

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