WWW: NEW! "CHEVALIER: The Queen's Mouseketeer" up now

Darryl Hughes deemoneygrip at webtv.net
Wed Jan 16 22:08:46 PST 2013

I wanted Chevalier to read like a modern version of a classic fairy tale
so I used some pretty iconic and iconic sounding names and places and
things in the story: Princess Faere, Prince Charming, The High Queen,
The Queen Mother, The Land Ever After, The Far, Far Away, The Land Near
and Far, The Realm of the Hither and Yon, The Blue Yonder, The Land Bye
Thee Bye, unicorns, witches, fairies, elves, musketeers, etc.

When I say that Chevalier "It's a fabled fairy tale of enor-mouse
proportions" I mean it. :)


CHEVALIER: The Queen's Mouseketeer. It's a fabled fairy tale of
enor-mouse proportions.

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