[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #38: Do While Rw Nw Prt M Hrw, part 2

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Jan 10 19:33:47 PST 2013

On 1/10/2013 10:22 AM, Wil Alambre wrote:
> "I-hereby-challenge-the-Super-Wizard-From-Space-to-combat," spits out Emperor M, the
> bile broadcasted from his loudspeaker face, "and-you'll-bear-witness-to-it, you-
> insufferable-bitch."
> M's Pschent crown flares with cosmic energy. Our own crown answers, the grand Feather
> reacts in kind.

I suppose Queen Buzzz is the most bird-like creature to have a cosmic 
crown.  If the crowns had planned ahead, one could have taken the form 
of some royal jelly for her.  8{D>

> "I'm-making-a-choice-denied-to-me." M closes the distance. Stands before Us. A thin metal
> hand upon one of Our arms in a scandalously familiar touch. We are caught in a ball of
> fluster and frustration and foreboding. "You're-right. I-*am*-a-slave. Everyone-on-Planet-M-
> is. We-die-and-are-reincarnated-by-the-Pyramids, drip-fed-just-enough-airborne-Kiloamps-
> to-carry-on. But-we-don't-*go*-anywhere. We're-still-the tools-we-were-before. Assigned-
> and-applied, without-goals-or-progress. We're-given-a-field-of-offerings-without-having-to-
> earn-them. We're-given-a-world-of-complacency. We're-stagnant, existing-without-living.
> We're-rotting-away. I believe-that-there's-more-than-this. Only-trepidation-holds-us-back.
> I-will-overcome-this... not-by-overcoming-risk, but-by-*accepting-failure*."

... now that's a plot twist.

> It speaks with clarity. "I've-been-reclassified! I'm-now-Servitor-designated-B."

That's a good plot twist too.  And We are pleased that the new Servitor 
has worked B into his name.  8{D>

> Beyond that, there's a lot of stuff in this arc that I may or may not explicitly explain.
> In my attend to make "rounder" characters, I'm trying to add more meaning to what they say
> and what they *don't* say. That read-between-the-lines stuff. I believe I'm a good enough
> storyteller to ideas across, but I'm still not certain I'm a good enough *writer* to get
> those ideas across without blatantly saying so.

Most writers will never be certain.  I'm certain Powernaut comics read a 
lot differently in my mind than in everyone else's, for instance.  But 
if I as your reader am missing something, I don't feel I'm losing out.

> One thing I am happy to see improvement on is my estimates on how long arcs will take.
> Having a talk with a fellow coffee-shop author, I said how I wanted this tale to be
> approximately four chapters. I knew all the places it could balloon out of control, but I
> also knew all the parts I could cut down to size. Compared to the earlier issues in this
> series, I feel that I'm doing a much better job self-editing a story, getting the most
> "bang for my buck", word-count wise :)

Having just finished a 24-episode tale, I'm consciously trying to limit 
my next story.  But that could be hard, because Powernaut 1962 wants to 
be big.

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