[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #37: Do While Rw Nw Prt M Hrw, part 1

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Sat Jan 5 17:16:08 PST 2013

On Jan 2, 9:00 pm, Wil Alambre <wilalam... at gmail.com> wrote:

> The forager bee bobs and circles and criss-crosses. It dances in a manner instinctive.
> Ritualistic. Swooping in mathematical arcs that resonate underneath the emptiness of
> space. It is an infectious motion, sweeping a worker winnowing a lonely asteroid belt in
> its rhythms. Then another drifting along lazily with a sweeping comet. Then another even
> farther out. A synchronized expression of motion and emotion, shared with dozens,
> extending halfway across a universe

This is a wonderful dance.

> On the distant world, smart electrolytes have automatically mirrored Us, giving the mass
> of nectar the shape of Our natural composition. This is rarely suitable when communicating
> outside the Swarm, so we change the perception of Ourself.

...I wonder what that is.

> The rest of it has the same mismatched dullness most of Planet M’s
> mechanical inhabitants. Leftovers kept alive. Scraps kept wound up. Its wide round body
> wrapped in cotton gauze, hiding the inevitable corrosion that plague this world's citizenry.

Okay, see. This is why Wil is-- just, an insanely, RIDICULOUSLY good
writer. He's able to play both ends. He's both able to create
ridiculous pulp phrases and concepts like "The Mummy Machines of
Planet M", and *then* flesh them out and think of a world that fits
around the name and image. He's Golden Age and Modern Age in one


> "We are Genovefa Buzz, Queen Bee, Monszter Szwarm."

She has a first name. @.@

> A prepared reply. Loyal, if a mite abrasive. And protective. This is a good drone. We give
> it a nod to lead on.

Awwww, that's sweet.

> They tramp along in absolute unison, the uniform movement making like a melodic
> metronome that We cannot help but be jealous of.

That is such a perfect thought for her to have.

> Servitor A bows as best as its shape can. "You're-correct, oh-most-observant-eminence.
> The-mummy-machines-of-Planet-designated-M-are-restored-Backups-of-robots-sl ash-
> artificial-intelligences-from-all-over-the-universe. Here, we're-reincarnated-in-new-
> mechanical-bodies, thanks-to-the-sacred-Kiloamps-provided-by-our-glorious-gods."


> The little drone bows in enthusiastic agreement. "Positive-affirmation, oh-attentive-
> augustness! But-not-a-restored-Backup-like-the-rest-of-us. They're-true-machine-tools,
> in-their-prime! The-first-computers-ever-constructed-in-our-universe! Massive-mainframes-
> engineered-at-the-dawn-of-time!

O.o I see!

> Servitor A drops its arms to its sides and stares at Us. Vibrating a bit. This must be
> what a robot looks like when it is silently aggravated. Very amusing.

Heeheeheehee ^.^

> Inside, a great care has been made for Us. The pervasive red dust has been sweep out. The
> floor has been buffed to the point of being reflective. Great swaths of cotton cloths have
> been suspended from the ceiling to form monochromatic draperies. Rows of proud machines
> line the corridors, bowing with Our passage.
> M is trying too hard. Again.

Hmmmm... wonder what that implies...

> Cranes. Crocodiles. Hawks. Wolves. A court of  moreauian
> machines.

Good word!

> At the center of the room is a great throne built upon a raised dais. The whole thing
> seems to be made of the melted remains of other robots. All dulled. Burned. Stacked and
> set. Layered into the platform and onto the shape of the gigantic chair. Clutching the
> pile that they inevitably became part of. Or, if We are not mistaken, chained to it.

Holy creepy. O.o

> M has molded his new face to have no discernible eyes or nose or ears. Only a wide, oval
> loudspeaker sits in the middle.It gives him an uncharastically empty, cruel countenance.

The Faceless Voice!

> "Yes," M says. Finally. "Yes, I-do." He squares his shoulders. He leans forward. He
> announces it broadly to the room, but he is speaking directly to Us,
> "I-hereby-challenge-the-Super-Wizard-From-Space-to-combat. And-you'll-bear-witness-to-it,
> you-insufferable-bitch."

Oh, snap.

> I'm writing this multi-part tale in a manner that is purposely challenging me. Not that
> I'm claiming that it *is* challenging, just that I'm picking some stylistic methods that I
> know I'll probably mess up on. I sometimes jump feet first into a process with only half
> an understanding of it, so I expect to make some mistakes. Those of you who have a more
> formal creative writing education, feel free to scold me :)


> Two of these challenges is writing from a single first-person point of view, and writing
> in the present tense. Considering my past (and ongoing) trouble with maintaining proper
> tense, this forces me to pay a little more attention.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah, I'm not exactly good at that myself.

> I'm going to use her as an experiment in presenting a 'deeper'
> character. It'll still be kid-safe, shallow-end of the swimming pool, mind you.

THIS is the shallow end!?

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, expecting the Marianas Trench now

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