[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #36: The House Of Eternal Ice

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> Orbiting until he was underneath, he gathered clumps of the dwarf's gravity in one hand.
> It took effort to pull together any sizeable amount, and what he did find felt muddy and
> slippery, falling apart in his grip.

The weirdness of the idea juxtaposed with the tactility of the
description <3

> The super wizard propelled himself and his wounded prisoner into the dwarf's sparse
> stellar system. He could still feel the history of it in the particles of metal and gas.

Mmmm yes cosmic wonder

> A motion with both hands and he bent the purple rays, leading the prisoner's cocoon into
> the vault. He placed him in the middle of the large chamber, facing outwards. The
> sasquonaut couldn't speak; it only dribbled out blood and venomous murmurs, staring at the
> wizard with burning green eyes. The wizard looked back. A brief hesitation, he then left
> the vault and released the cocoon.
> "This is a mercy," the wizard murmured in assurance.

I see the Super Wizard isn't quite as confident as he used to be.

> He wore the night blue uniform of a Super Wizard From Space,
> except that the majestic gold elements were a deep ruby colour; it was a military style
> rarely seen these days.


> "I have five of the seven now, sir, counting my own."

My goodness. VERY respectful.

> "But you *agreed* with me! You just said. I did what I had to."
> "And I did what *I* had to!" Dragutin shouted back, furious. The red fire had become a
> fiery orange magma, flowing from him like liquid anger. "You think the others enjoyed
> swallowing their prides to invite me to that gathering? You think I was proud to be there,
> the exile and embarrassment, brought out so *I* could be the one to throw one of our own
> to the wolves?

Daaaaaaaamn. <3 <3 <3

> "Don't start believing you were given that cosmic crown because you're the best of us. You
> were given it because, of all of us, you'd do what was needed *despite* the consequences.
> You were given it because you're a *soldier*."

Ooooooh. Yes.

> Already, he felt the crown tug at him. The weight of it in his thoughts, tilting them
> toward the last two. Its power dragged all reasoning to the tournament, circling all
> deliberation back to the remaining challengers. He found a comfort in the lack of options.
> His path was laid out for him.

Man. This guy is just... extremely good character.

> "And after I've completed this ridiculous tournament?"
> Dragutin's burning light dimmed. His fusion faded to a weak red glow, and he resembled a
> pale recluse again. He turned his back to the super wizard and looked at the frozen
> prisoner's anger-filled eyes. "I suppose you'll do what you need to do."

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, yes.

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