SG/META: Superguy RIP?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Tue Jan 1 14:19:51 PST 2013

Is Superguy dead?

Was noticing that the last Superguy story was posted in 2011.  Nothing 
in 2012, which I think is the first year since the existence of Superguy 
that not a single Superguy story was posted.

Last Superguy story was posted in May 2011 (Although funnily enough I 
did slap a SG onto Beige Midnight #9 in October 2011 making it 
technically the last Superguy story if no one ever posts another one). 
And the last SF story was posted on December 2011.

So is this it?

Arthur "Well, probably not..." Spitzer

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