WWW: NEW! "The Continentals: Secret Asian Man" up now

Darryl Hughes deemoneygrip at webtv.net
Tue Feb 26 03:17:21 PST 2013

Well, if you remember, in that segment of the story every time crime
boss Nichols pointed out something about what's going on in his
"business" to Dr. Abbeline and how the Emperor fits in he'd end it with,
"And therein lies...The Emperor". He did it like 3 or 4 times. So I
don't know how you couldn't see it coming.

Doesn't matter. You're better at the Chevalier "finish the rhyme" game.


The Continentals. It's like Sherlock Holmes meets the 60's tv show The
Avengers with a dash of James Bond for flavor.


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