SW10/HCC: Superhuman World 2004: Big Business #1 of 2: Quadrangle

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Wed Feb 6 19:24:44 PST 2013

On Sat, 12 Jan 2013 20:07:22 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> What Has Gone Before:  Hillary Rodham is U.S. President, at a time of 
> increasing crisis...  Ellipsis is supporting worldwide breakups of 
> national governments.  The Aleutian Islands have seceded from the U.S., 
> and Southern states are plotting to do likewise after the assassination 
> of the Governor of South Carolina.  To prevent Latin American 
> secessionism, Argentina has invaded the Chilean half of Tierra del Fuego.

The Trade Federation is on the move, and Senator Valorum has just recieved
a vote of no confidence.

> Wyatt Ferguson is running the Freedom Engineering Research Group (FERG), 
> a company of adventurers who consult for governments.

He knows what they're gonna do today.

> You see, my ladyfriend is leaving my business to go work for the world's 
> most powerful superhuman - the same one who sparks a lot of those crises 
> the UN is worried about. And it's not that I hold a grudge, but now that 
> same superhuman's wife is leaving his business to come work for me!

Wife Swap: Superhuman World

> And she has some other reservations about the way her foundation is 
> doing things... like her husband's worldwide power plays, one of which 
> is blowing up right now down in Tierra del Fuego. So they're having a 
> trial separation.

These things happen. Well, not the worldwide power plays usually, but.

> -   What's this about me hiring her? ... Well, she came to me one day 
> and talked her way into a marketing job. She said she'd work entirely on 
> commission for six months, and get the FERG six major new customers, and 
> if she isn't worth a six-digit salary plus stock options by the end of 
> it, she'll have done something wrong and she'll take the blame.

Dang. Now that's confidence.

> -   There've been some other changes at The FERG Hotel. Julie wants a 
> nice sunny office, but all the best sunny rooms are taken by my friends 
> from Bangalore. So she's grudgingly working out of my nice cool 
> northward-facing corner office. And so am I. It's like living with my 
> bossy little sister again.

Heeheehee, d'awwww.

> That is to say, there was a 
> movement within the United States to declare the terrorist strike a 
> national holiday (really!), but the Silly Days now happen that same time 
> of year and are getting more publicity. That may be decreasing North 
> American paranoia right there.

Ooooooooh, very nice, very nice.

> -   At Julie Wolcott's urging, I actually made it to my long-threatened 
> high school reunion... with her as my consort.

That's like the dream of everyone who actually goes to high school

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, gotta catch up

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