LNH: LNH Webcomic #49!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 5 16:15:06 PST 2013

Okay, folks -- I decided to do a couple more of these.

LNH Webcomic #49: 'You May Kiss the Chowder!'

Will the Ultimate Ninja marry his bowl of clam chowder or will Chuck 
Norris stop it in time?


Also tune in tomorrow for what might possibly be the last LNH Webcomic 
-- Ever!

THE LNH WEBCOMIC #50!!!!  'Pope -- No More!'

Also I'll probably post the first strip of my new webcomic 'Ripping Off 
King Arthur' the day after tomorrow -- on February 7, 2013 -- Thursday!

Here's the youtube trailer for it:


The trailer is nothing great -- a slide show set to Moonlight Sonata.

Also Youtube managed to screw some things in the video.  There's 
supposed to be character names after some of the pictures, but for some 
reason they were all sped up and now look like subliminal flashes, which 
totally ruined the effect I was going for.

Here are what the names were:

Max Ruetra
Pope Lizardsaurus
The Cantaloupe Kids
Detective Traci Tracy
Grenadine Luncher
Weeds Stonerson
Ax Fight Dude
Fred Nielsen
Doctor Deadbeat
Geraldo Gila

The trailer gives a link where I'll be posting the strips and there is 
already some stuff there as I type this down.

The wrong way to read my webcomic:


The right way to read it:


Which is in five parts -- if you click on the next arrow you should see 
all five of them.

Arthur "Hyper Hype!" Spitzer

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