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Bob Smeets yellowdogartistry at
Mon Feb 4 15:24:24 PST 2013

I first heard about this list from a guy I used to play hockey with called
Mike Friedman (he wrote Arvie the Wonderdog - I can't seem to find it in
the archives).  It was too confusing to me at the time.  So much to read
and keep track of.  I'm gonna give it a shot now just cause I want
something to do.

How can I contribute to the list being an artist?  Does anybody need
covers, characters, concepts, world building, and general art work?

I have a self published book out and I am currently working on a graphic
novel but I still have time on my hands for other projects.

Let me know if you like my stuff and want me to illustrate some stuff for

side note... this whole group needs to be more organized.  it's so
confusing.  what about a forum.  proboards or something.
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