RACCies: Look at what the cat dragged out in 2012!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 2 13:29:02 PST 2013

This was actually a pretty good year for me writing wise...

LNH Imprint:

Parsnip the CMM #1-4 for best mini and best new character.

Beige Midnight #10: Planet Muhahahahah! Part III for best issue and best 
Arc (co-written with Rob Rogers)

Beige Midnight #11-12:  The Conclusion Arc ('The Week Before the End' 
and 'The Last LNH Story') for best issues and best Arc

LNH Comics Presents #108: 'Seeing if I can post man's Day' -- an 
Infinite Leadership Cry.Sig story -- for best issue

LNH Comic Presents #509: 'Beige Midnight #12 Comes -- TOMORROW!!!' -- 
for best issue

Those Darn Vectors! #1-5 -- for best new series and best new characters

LNHY: Looniverse Y #11:  Credit Cry.Sig -- for best issue

NTB: Who Killed the Cat with Glasses (one shot) for either best mini 
(one shots go here) or best issue -- (co-written with Saxon, Rob, and Scott)

LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #15:  the backup story involving Lady 
Heartthrob (the rest by Adrian)

And LNH Webcomic #48 and Kid Recap Explains Beige Midnight and Kid Recap 
Explains Beige Midnight (Again) if you want to count those for my 
nomination for the Rabbit's Breeder Cup Award (or whatever it is called)

Arthur "I think that's 20 stories..." Spitzer

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