HCC: High Concept Challenge #35: RUINED FOREVER!

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Fri Feb 1 00:33:32 PST 2013

     I observed on facebook earlier today (well, yesterday now) that one sign
of a fandom having come into its own is that every change is greeted by at
least some fans proclaiming that it is RUINED FOREVER.  Of course, sometimes
they're right and the property has just fired the shark out of the orbital
mass-driver, but usually it's just standard fannish over-reaction.

     The challenge for HCC #35 is to work with the RUINED FOREVER concept.
Maybe make some sort of major change to one of your existing series, of the
sort your fans (real or imagined) would froth at.  Maybe do it in-story,
where a character undergoes some sort of development and his fans cry out in
anguish and disgust.  You probably shouldn't ruin your own story forever, of
course, but I suppose it's the gutsy way to go....

     Dave Van Domelen, wonders if professors who get tenure at UCLA are

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