SW10/REVIEW: Catalog of Earths, 2013 Update #4: Legacy Universes

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--- PART 4:  Legacy Universes ---

UNIVERSE:  Godling

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler(s):  J. Vandersteen

- Chronicler's Web Site:  apparently not

- Activity:  Twice monthly or so

- Relevance:  Could interact with the Council

- Threat Analysis:  Standard superhuman.  If one of them ever arrives 
here, they will probably accept a Congress seat and do what some other 
faction tells them.

- Critique:  Standard superhuman.  Villain bashes hero, hero beats 
villain, hero deals with love triangle.  The chronicling seems like it's 
busy collecting the actions in present tense, and not making a *story* 
of them.  Well, that's a start.  Earth-SW10 chronicles were like that, 
twenty-five years ago.  The real question of this Earth is, how long 
will this status-quo last?

- Psychovant's Comments:  Godling gets his powers from gods, right? 
Where are the $#@£!=:ing gods!?  Even *they* must be getting bored by 
now.  I *know* this Writer has considered that too.  *Bring on the 
gods!*  Or crash a meteor into the Earth!  Or *something* to %^&!ing 
shake things up!


UNIVERSE:  Eightfold / Jolt City / Journey Into / Orphans of Mars

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chroniclers:  Tom and Mary Russell

- Chronicler's Web Site:  apparently not

- Activity:  Monthly, roughly

- Relevance:  Could interact with the Council, but not likely

- Threat Analysis:  Standard superhuman.  "Jolt City" has modern history 
of such.  "Orphans of Mars" has female alien invaders in ancient time, 
who killed their planet and might kill the dinosaurs, but they're 
unlikely to time-travel forward.  "Journey Into" has peripheral stories 
like Santa vs. vampires.

- Critique:  All good stuff, for those with sufficient attention span. 
"Jolt City" might be a challenge for shorter attentions.  But "Orphans 
of Mars" gives Fact File recaps!

- Psychovant's Comments:  heh heh.  Girl on girl on dinosaur!  What's 
not to like?  ... Oh, was I supposed to be watching anything else?


UNIVERSE:  Academy of Super-Heroes

- Type:  Superhuman

- Chronicler(s):  mostly Dave van Domelen

- Chronicler's Web Site:  http://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/ASH/

- Activity:  sporadic, but currently running a series

- Relevance:  Could interact with the Council, but not likely

- Threat Analysis:  Standard superhuman - and the most active characters 
are in 2026, after a late-1990s crisis.  Barring time travel, there is 
no threat to us here.

- Critique:  This universe is a peer (or maybe a senior brother) to 
SW10.  It has twenty-plus years of superhero history, but with a few 
more active Writers instead of just character contributors.  There is 
nothing bad here, and some good stuff (like flashbacks to Lady Lawful 
and Doctor Developer).  The stories are usually either flashbacks or 
from the future, so current readers who are used to their comic books 
being present-day may have to struggle to see any relevance.  But if you 
treat it like science fiction you can get past that.

- Psychovant's Comments:  Yawn.  You told your *big* story about a 
Godmarket in the 1990s, am I right?  That "~user" web site sure *looks* 
1990s.  But I'm impressed you got your characters to colonize Venus and 
make electric cars work.  Now if you threw in another godwar or you 
blotted out the sun or something, it might %^&!ing wake me up!  ... 
Whaat, you say the sun's just gone out?  Okay, carry on then!

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