SW10/WWW: Powernaut 2005 #18 and #19: Seriously! I Like Merging Bodies!

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Well, it looks like Wyatt Ferguson and the Powernaut can come to an 



Bonus Section:  Commentary  from Vince Cortez!    Where Are The Other 

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Before the latest reality shifts, our Earth had a full spectrum of 
superheroes and other superhumans. Now, the Earth is apparently what it 
would have been without them. The U.S. President is the son of our 
President Bush, because his father didn't resign after invading the 
Bahamas in 1996 to root out superhumans. The technology is 
less-developed here; the superhumans in some of the island nations drove 
some advances.

• The most powerful superhuman was Ellipsis. He disappeared in January 
2005 - the same time Wyatt Ferguson did. (ref: "Over the Mountain", 
2005/after.htm#mountain) He was in a universe which claimed to govern 
other universes - and he was *governing* there. So he could be anywhere 
now - and most other heroes would oppose him if he reappears here. 

• The other heroes disappeared  *just before*  the most recent reality 
shift - the shift which changed the U.S. President from Rodham to Bush. 
(ref: "Humans of the Earth",  2005/humans.htm) We still don't know where 
they are.

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