8FOLD/META: Year In Review 2013

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 05:58:54 PST 2013


Hasn't been a bad year for Eightfold, all-told. Nine stories saw print; these were the ninety-first to ninety-ninth publications. Do we have something special planned for our 100th? We certainly do! (And I use "we" rather deliberately...)

91. Nonfiction # 1

A story about a French superhero comic during World War II, and editorial interference from the Third Reich after Fall Rot. Eligible for favorite new series.

92. Orphans of Mars # 1

The return of the Daughters of Mars from Journey Into # 12. Introduces QUASHA, who declares herself Imperatrix, with disastrous but not fatal results. In the end, Nerrine becomes Imperatrix, and many assume she is weak and not up to the task. Eligible for favorite new series.

93. Jolt City # 20

Gallery, Whistler, and Cockatrice (secretly the genocidal computer virus, the Gorgon) break *into* Earbox Prison. It's part of an elaborate scheme by the Gorgon to gain possession of the brain-exploding Black Note, and is thwarted by Green Knight, Blue Boxer, Darkhorse, and other luminaries in the four-colour community. Introduces the shy heroine KNOCKOUT MOUSE, but also the villains FIDDLEBACK, LOBSTER-MAN, GRAY GLAIVE, FAIRWAY, FROGMOUTH, and WHITE ANT. Also introducing LACEY TRIMMER (Dani's replacement). On the personal side of things, Pam leaves Martin, and Dani rejects Martin's marriage proposal.

94. Orphans of Mars # 2

Quasha swears an oath in the naming of the sword Thirteen. Quasha, Jarissy, and LASK escort Kellin on a scientific expedition and are attacked by raptors.

95. Orphans of Mars # 3

Ress, Nerrine, and Lask undertake a desperate mission to retrieve an antidote for a poison that has afflicted Jarissy. Raptors are narrowly avoided. TANDRA is introduced, if only tangentially.

96. Orphans of Mars # 4

Nerrine, Quasha, Ress, and Lask go in search of a clutch of Triceratops eggs. They are attacked by raptors but come out on top. Quasha slays a Triceratops in a brutal mud-soaked duel while the others spirit away with her eggs. My personal favorite Orphans story so far.

97. Journey Into # 16

Santa Claus is kidnapped by a dracula, SIMON, working in concert with the dread elf WHISTLETUFT. Rachel (the Teardrop Princess) goes into the castle, climbing an extremely long staircase, and eventually rescues her father.

98. Orphans of Mars # 5

Quasha, Jarissy, and DANALEE (introduced in this issue) set out to capture a raptor for study. Raptors lead them into a trap sprung by the old rex, and though they drive it off, Jarissy is killed in the process, thus breaking Quasha's oath.

99. Orphans of Mars # 6

A funeral is held for Jarissy; Quasha demands her own death for the oath that has been broken. Nerrine refuses, and Quasha challenges her to single combat. Nerrine beats and rapes Ress, then defeats Quasha. She spares Quasha's life, humiliating her, but puts to rest (for now) any lingering questions about her rule.

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